Paper bag..



It’s hard to know when  it’s a bird from a paper bag when all you’re seeing is the shadow of hopes nearing to land on your lap. This has been the nature of most of my past 2 years, or what I’d also call near misses.

Last Sunday 17th of July 2016 marked my second anniversary since I lost my job and that marks the last vow I unintentionally vowed to myself “why not stay without a job and do my startup for 2 years!!”. Despite that you don’t get to tell the universe what to choose from your seemingly irrational funny blurts and what to keep. The original plan was to work on my startup in Stockholm among like-minded people which happened to be far from reach because I had to wait for a year-and-half before I get a response to start working on my idea. At which the idea of going back to Doha to be next to the one I love who will understand and be excited that I believed in her convictions to change the world and took a real step in using my passion for innovation to serve her dreams that will eventually help us in helping others in fulfilling their potentials.

2 years later from where I started the road has turned out to be bumpy but interesting enough that it kept me going that far. I met a lot of people along the way, had a lot of near misses from job applications to people reading my email pitch, some replying and some are just feeding  my hope further with their read receipts. Some even replying right away showing either warm wishes or excitement at what I am doing and apologizing for not being able to support at this point, either because it’s out of their focus or being involved with other better ideas at hand. The value of near misses despite that it looks lame on the outside, yet the sunny side of it was that it gave me a lot of energy the fueled my energy and drove far enough to the next near miss, and this is how I never ran dry of energy that covered the span of 2 years.

Even my latest arrival to her and then my self-reminder that she too could be another near miss – even though she was the original plan – made me realize that I became with this fact too and that I am happy that I’ve cultivated enough resilience to even get past this. Again was a reminder that Perseverance is the art of letting go of expectations without letting go of actions.

Someone has to make this world give autonomously, and this has got to be me..

Till next time!

where do i go from here?


Looks like another bottom I am hitting, for now. I no longer what the content of my is all about anymore. On the one hand, I like everything about my life right now. I am enjoying every part of it, yet I feel like it’s going  absolutely nowhere where I imagined it to be, not even close.

I guess I am failing at knowing the content of me past this point. It’s void, I no longer have sense of directions. Deep inside I know where I want to be, what to do and with whom I want to be with. Yet life is trying to get me somewhere else that I have no clue whatsoever where it will be. Few days ago I got maybe my 5th frozen job notice that I thought I am close to get. Now it feels normal as I’ve wondered about how life has finally started it’s longeest crap-storm and started to really give me some perspective on where I am going. Finally unfolding that path, but it turned out to be another mirage from afar.

Insofar that I’ve enjoyed my personal transformation happening before my eyes, as much I feel ready to start my next journey and  start applying what I’ve learned on IQ and EQ. I feel ripe to do so. Yet time seems to be insecapable from feeling.

Sometimes I even question even if it was even necessary to move back to Doha just to win over the only one I ever cared for, where she ironically seems to be the last person to know that. Yet again I tell myself back that it made me happy just knowing that at least the same borders encloses us together and that she’s near in distance, and that she’s healthy, successfuly and above all safe and sound. Day made!:)

Till next time!




Maybe the only place where I can talk to you without you running away and making me feel that my words are like bullets that you’re just trying to avoid is my dreams!

I had another vivid dream when we finally got to talk about things, it wasn’t really  that long too. But it was real enough for me to finally satiate my eyes with the lingering feeling of your presence. Though I remember you also hastened as always and were just carrying your stuff and on the way out, but I recall it was a two-way conversation at least for the short part of it. I also remember that we talked about pretty much casual things, as if we were trying to catch-up with one another on what has been going on with our lives the past 2 years.

I also remember vividly when you asked me  “What does engagement means to you?”, and I answered that “It means that people may marry, inshallah!” The way you posed the question implied more “Just wanted to make sure of the culture differences between mine and yours”. The real anomaly about my dream and beside being real and I believe it was, is that I still perspired on the very last part! Oh My God, I am always wallowed by your composure while feeling you trembling on the inside. It’s romantically imperfect that it sweeps me off my feet.

My happiest days of the week are when you lead my RPM class, I know that much about the goose bumps I get and the unmistaken spike in my calories burn, and the synchronization between our heartbeats. I didn’t need such affirmation to myself, I always knew it, it’s just that this time I could get a physical affirmation that it’s not only in my head but it also shows on my workout.

Yes, I do smile because of your mere presence before me. Wondering and telling myself at the same time that I will always be happy to see you growing before me, knowing you’re doing great, healthy, safe and sound is really all what I need to know. Even though I have no clue if my what-ifs are just my daydreams or real. I don’t care that much, because if you really love someone, all what you want to do with them is to know that they are good and doing fine.

Maybe this is all what love is all about, it doesn’t have to take any other form to be, doesn’t have to be anything else but just the sheer feelings that you have for someone. It does not always need to be transformed to anything else. It just a natural force that exist on its own accord. Maybe marriage is only a way of many other ways to utilize this force and do something useful with it for yourself and others through it. Maybe it doesn’t have to be confined into its typical form of relationships bounded by T&C, Maybe we should give up this idea and start looking into new ways to utilize love than marriage. It’s a freefloating force that doesn’t succumb to our conditions, and this is why it dies when it’s confined!

Every time I see you I grin  and giggle because I can’t help it but remembering the days when we used to flirt around and tease with all these inside jokes. I always liked the efforts you exerted to get me to notice that you finally got it, and I always did. I was just just not sure enough if this is what you wanted, cause I fell many times for the natural sweetness and appeasing personality that makes me chemically react and analyze your actions towards me as a type of flirtation when most of the times were just sheer courtesy.

I have no clue where I am gonna end up, how these strong feelings will drop me off from this ride. or when this love that I have for you will wane, or what I am doing about it more than being close to you, and I really don’t care that much either. I know I love this reviving feeling, and I hope that that maybe is real that you will love me back someday!

Till next time!

on empathy deficit

bathin lake

Short are the days of joy, long are the days of remembering such moments and reminiscing what we may have lost along the way. I don’t believe in losing, I believe in things taking place of other things. You’re like a box with a limited space for things, feelings, emotions and people, and this is where “You have to lose something in order to gain something”, where the endless efforts of detachments and letting go acts as a constant reminder of the impermanence of things.  Always reminding us to let go and make space for the new to come, and in so many ways does the loss come to us unprepared, and it’s instantaneously replaced  by new alien things that we are usually unfamiliar with, and this is where the challenge comes. Realizing and accepting the new things that have come to our lives, and try to reframe, ponder these things to unleash the value within.

If there is a promised land, it is where the heart is, and whether we know it or not, we are all on this same homeward journey

It’s unfortunate that the majority of the herd are caught up in realizing and valuing things that of quantifiable, and undisputed global agreement. More often than not they are things of materialistic nature “money, car, house, salary” what comes next to most are relationships – which to me takes a higher importance than others. At the tail of list comes the fluffy and almost taken with a grit of skepticism like: health, sanity, wisdom, stoic, preservance, kindness, empathy, smiling, and your marvelous sophisticated being that is able to treat, repair, warn and keep your physical container in the best way possible in relation to it’s possessor “You” input.

Our present lives are dominated by the goddess Reason, who is our greatest and most tragic illusion” C.G. Jung

As always, we are caught in the realm of words. We are fanatics in chopping our lives to bits and pieces to label them and file them away without really experiencing anything new to enough depths to get the nectar of the the experience. We merely break the external shell and say to ourselves “Oh, that again.. I know where it may lead me and I don’t like it”.  And this is how we mostly end-up our premature experiences that has just arrived to  teach us. Life is so great that it never give up on dragging your attention once again to the same exact experience that you’ve just skipped untill you really get it. And this is something that life is really good at, if there’s anything to learn from nature is preservance, and the laser focus and the never give up attitude it resembles in life experiences, all with a magnifcient serenity that on the surface you feel that nothing is changing, yet in long time; a lot is accomplished. In brevity “Nature doesn’t haste anything,  yet it accomplishes everything”

Recently I’ve got to read about the limits of Empathy to humans, and earlier I’ve read about the limits of decisions that humans have. It striked me at first that we may have such limits,  but then again Empathy and Decisions are feelings that need energy to fly and get a momentum. Yet after pondering upon the fact that our abstract form is a being of light that vibrates at different frequencies that are so fast that it give us the illusion of density of our bodies.  So are our thoughts that creates our feelings that gets manifested into energy that people get to see/feel it through your aura and your non-verbal communication (55% non-verbal, 38% tone  7% words) and this is when we say it’s not what you say, it’s how you say it, we often mean the first 93% of the communication that differentiates genuinity and integrity of a person from another.

The lack of empathy that humans now have might be then attributed not to it’s non-existence but rather it’s inefficient depletion in unncesssary remote events that has nothing to do with our lives. I’d attribute it more to the surge in social media usage that has allowed people to share the stories of their mostly unpleasent experiences, such stories  are seen by many who unconsciously empathize with such stories, that before they even now their daily limit of empathy is depleted. Leaving them to the outside world like a dead-corpse that physically occupies space in the universe, yet without any siginificant contribution to the outside world.

“Too many of us, I fear, suck the pointing finger of religion for comfort, instead of looking where it points” Alan Watts

It’s no wonder that we have intentionally created machines, and inventions that reflects our human cognitive sense. Computers now can see, hear and touch, when taste and smell are here with AI then we are most likely to have created the most human-like machine. I am mostly cringed by such news, knowing that side of evil has been taking the lead for quite sometime now. Humans on the way have unkowibly created Social Media and with it came the digital empathy, the digital social circle and digital life, the TV which was the earlier digital manifestation of life. As always we are confusing words for meanings behind, the territory with the map, the food for the menu.

The prime difference between between digital empathy and real empathy is that the later gets shit done, if not in action and help from people who are compelled to take action and help those they have felt empathy for. Then in literally off-loading the emotional burden with the other that his back won’t break.

Do you think that words, labels, and their meanings,your cogitive five senses; are everything there is that describes every little part and piece of your life. Words are human made as a tranistory medium to communicate, so are your cognitive senses Limiting your your world to all these predefined notions as the only life there is, is like the old days when we thought that Earth is flat because we could neither see it from above, nor had the capacity to walk in a straight line around the earth. In more literal meaning, like an ostrich that buries its head in the sand so that if it doesn’t see its predator then it’s not there.

Words are usually convulated with the real universe, who’s by all human capacities, inventions happened and yet-to-come can never been comprehened or fathomed when cut to pieces and assigned to resonating human sounds that holds meanings for us only. No words, meanings, languages, or equations would ever be enough to confine the universe, by chopping it to bits and pieces of events, and things. For two simple reasons, the universe was here first, second you’re it. Can you put ALL yourself into words? All there is and yet to come? I don’t think you can, a knife can’t cut itself!

You’re limited, you’re whole..

Till next time!

life is not..

the game (Altinho) in Ipanema - Rio de Janeiro

the game (Altinho) in Ipanema – Rio de Janeiro

It’s new year, and this new year’s eve marks an ending of  a year fully charged with extremes.. extreme happiness, depressing, devastating, adrenaline rush, rejections, invalidations. It was also a year where  I have set the foundations of many small changes yet big in effect.

I started Meditation, founded my startup, turned to a mostly vegan dietary, more salads and less meat and chicken, finished my app, started another idea, met clients, got a handful rejections of job applications, apologized 3 times and fixed two broken major relationships out of three. Despite that the last two ended on their own accord later on, but I am more relieved that  I apologized and took the effort to make them up.

I spent new year’s eve in Zikreet – in the middle of the desert 70 km westward Doha – with my roommate Hady. When the clock ticked 00:00 as brothers we hugged one another under the light of the moon, and wished one another to achieve the Top 3. To me they were 1) get my startup off the ground 2) stumble upon my partner, 3) settle down. To him was to start off  1) immigration papers for new location   2) prepare for his masters  3)  settle down with partner

What soothes and calms us about being confronted with nature, is that we come to the abstract meaning of life requirements. After 3o minutes of being alone with nature, you get to the real meaning of life, and realize that in the city, you’ve mostly confused words and concepts of life, and you find you’ve chiefly managed to create illusions of needs and attachments that you need to better your life. Where it eventually pulls you back and bring more of confusion and unhappiness than joy. It literally derails you and let you endlessly seeking an unattainable target. There, and only there in the middle of the desert and under the light of the moon, I could discern  that to live doesn’t really require all this bullshit of things, stuff and belongings. I need to breathe, eat and sleep and have sex. I don’t know what life is, but now I can tell you what life is not:

Life is not your mobile, internet, car, petrol, laptop, movie, sitcom, book, career, apps, twitter, social media, shoes, branded clothes, bag, favorite coffee or food, other people, lawsuit, house, bed, mattress, bathroom, light, moisturizer, iPad, validation, writing, paper, pen, bottle, mouse, religion, cult, country, ideology, thoughts, opinion, air condition, tea, favorite any object/anything, glasses, jacket, money, the list goes on. All the previous are things that should not be confused as means, not an end in itself. For most of us, we have confused them to be a goal, rather than a transitory medium to bring more convenience that would help us in creating more focus to our lives.

But it’s not, we buy a mobile for instance for the need to stay in touch with people out of reach, and to use it in case of emergency and many other things. Instead, we confuse it with real connection with people, we think that it is the connection to anything, instead of the means to connecting. The result is crystal clear, needless to explain. So are many other things!

Till next time!

it’s common sense..

is common sense really common? I think yes, let’s see..


Meditation is the way to access our unconsciousness..

It is true in every aspect that the unconsciousness holds a lot of our secrets, and the hardest part about being, is connecting to the lower and bigger part of our unconsciousness. Which I believe is a matter of practice that we can train and achieve through different types of meditation, yoga and other types of solitude activities that may transcends us to be in commune with the universe, or in C.G. Jung words with the archetypes of the universe. Long time before being introduced to C.G. Jung book and reading more deeply into psychology and Easter Philosophy, I had the notion of life being a set of unopened boxes that the more we life thoroughly and not bound ourselves to what we know, we will get to experience set of emotions. The joy of my first salary ever, the joy of getting the job of my dreams, a new love, even breakup. They all seemed to me to be archetypes that almost had the same magnitude to every single being, that only varies according to their level of consciousness, or in mundane terms how they allow themselves to feel.

After 9 months of starting my daily meditation routine, I can claim now that meditation has raised and maintained my level of consciousness, mindfulness and awareness most of the day. At which I believe that at many scriptures including Koran has called upon us to meditate at nature to understand how it works, at the skies how it were lifted without pillars, it’s then true that we know God by his operations. And  the concept of oneness offered by Eastern spiritual teachings has by far advanced in ways to be in commune with universe, or so called the archetypes where all beings are pulled towards in order to achieve their dharma. It’s true that the more we unleash from our unconsciousness, the more we are towards the path of self-fulfillment. As if the long-haul toil of our lives is all about unleashing more unconsciousness.

The reasons of Eastern Philosophy flourishing – specially at these days of extremism – is that it had abolished any idols, hasn’t assigned anything holy more than “The Being” himself. The whole text of Buddhism, Confucius, Hinduism and Zen where I am mostly inclined; talks about ways to living and how to live your life consciously and have direct access to the unconsciousness most of your days. Where they have clearly encouraged beings to flow like water, not to think “the mind that stops is divided” or   “the wise doesn’t get to choose”. They teach beings spontaneity, thinking without thinking where they claim this to be the most effective way to flourish and be more mindful and can easily access the rich haven of unconsciousness that has all the intelligence needed for your survival.

Relativity, meditation and breathing..

 Relativity theory and meditation has something to do with breathing. In meditation we are taught how to regulate our breathing to effortlessly flow with the nature like water, you can also realize that perishing in the past, or pondering upon the future – where we skip the now – is always an indication of unequivocal failure in balance between breathing in and breathing out. That when we come back to our breathing, we come to the now and be connected again to the infinite source of unconsciousness where life and intelligence relishes.

As if breathing is the main subtle secret to consciously access different spectrums of the universe, and accordingly can give you different views and reveal its secrets in the eyes of its beholder. Different techniques of breathing give you different access and to the unconsciousness where you can download information, then it’s up to you to synthesize it with other information and make something out of it or not. Maybe someone like Einstein unknowingly had access to parallel universes where he could observe, discover and capture stances of his theory, he had a good access to his unconscious. As if we always know what we need to know, but we don’t know; simple because we are caught in a materialistic world where every single idea or thought can’t stand on its own, unless being enforced by a scientific research, or a set of numbers and equation. We naught the mind and constantly neglect its ability to form a valid facts on its own, just because we can’t put it into words!

Yet, this is something that spiritual teachings of Eastern Philosophy had resolved. They have stated everything and tried to convey the message without immersing into the web of words, and used words as a transitive means of glimpses of life. They have saved themselves from the conventional paradox of presenting the meal as a food. Or as they say, we are submerged in acquiring knowledge that we end up accumulating knowledge without doing much with it; the journey is not the destination.

If time is relative to human beings, and breathing is what might be the way to access different spectrums of the unconscious through regulating your own heartbeats, that when our adrenaline is high and our heart beats faster than 150, our body tends to shut down other senses and redirect all the energy towards the threat at hand and take the most intelligent act – be it fight or flight – where we seek assistance from something that is bigger than ourselves. Then breathing and heartbeats are by far the most subtle tools that when perfected to work in tandem, amazing things could happen. See martial arts like Tie Chi, Aikido and older forms of physical movements like Yoga and meditation where they all rely on one foundation; breathing.

We are not inventors, we are merely discoverers and good at synthesizing..

Anything humans have ever invented was a mere discovery to the existence of archetypes. The collective consciousness  “being” where we all seem to be drawing all our biological activities that makes us survive, seems to linearly expand as we discover more archetypes. Our discoveries are always an imitation of nature, it is far from being original or begot out of the unknown. The Wright brothers have imitated birds and magnified the concept of flying and kept trying till a success has followed some years later. The rest of advancement of Aviation is merely accumulation of experiences and added imitations from watching nature. The hinge of a door and its mechanical rotation back and forth and  sometimes in three directions; is an imitation of humans joints and so forth.

You’ve mentioned the history of enmity between brothers that took place over a very long range of history, from Cain killing Abel till Joseph – indeed history seems to repeat itself – this was a clear indication that archetypes seems to reappear when all the set circumstances happen sequentially. For instance God has warned from some certain that may seem to be ridiculous, as they may lead to certain unpleasant archetypes. For instance   God in Koran didn’t forbid Wine and Gambling but asked us to avoid. Due to their confusing nature according to its use. That if they are used wisely they could be a source of benefit, if in excess they could cause harm. Needless to say how alcohol and gambling addicts ruin their lives leading to predestined unfortunate set of archetypes.

They ask you about wine and gambling. Say, “In them is great sin and [yet, some] benefit for people. But their sin is greater than their benefit.” And they ask you what they should spend. Say, “The excess [beyond needs].” Thus Allah makes clear to you the verses [of revelation] that you might give thought. (Al baqarah 1:219)

Our unconscious is a cloud that stores all the information…

A recent study has studied the difference between our innate and learned behavior, that has concluded in the learnt experiences of animals somehow finds its way to transfer experiences from ancestors at faster rate than other similar animals. Which again reaffirms that presumption that there’s some sort of a common ground – maybe this what common sense means – for beings where they share similar experiences that becomes ingrained in their DNAs at later generations. Then again this would reinforce – till recent days – how all beings have evolved matured, and developed to survive the changes in their nature.

Then again access to these different sources of nature have not been possible in recent days – at least not as many as it used to be in the past – due to the fact that our lives became a set of distractions that we barely scratch any deeper beneath the surface. The comfort of technology has relegated beings access to their unconsciousness, that we haven’t paid enough attention to the pieces of our brain that we’ve traded off with technology. That the act of thinking itself has become remote and even a courageous act to the black sheep of the herd.

“The energy flows where your focus goes” this is why in the old days there were a lot of thinkers who have  pondered upon different aspects of the universe; synthesized and came up with amazing discoveries that spans seemingly remote science. From horoscope, to theology, cosmology, and medical science.

Till next time!

glimpses of me!

cuba chick.JPG

The say that words are transitory means of capturing glimpses of our lives, yet we attach ourselves to them that we often confuse words for life. Of the past 4 years, the month of December has always been the month of big changes of my life. I can’t say that the decisions taken at the time seemed to be big, yet in hindsight they were very crucial to my growth.

Sweet December  has brought me insights, big changes, bold moves, beginning of relations, love of year and half finally blossoming. 2 years ago I took the decision not to be controlled by my pay slip and do the right thing regardless the outcome, and that has brought with it massive changes that sometimes I fail to discern the boundaries between my old self and my new self. They were painful but necessary changes for the best, and I proclaim to still be amid these changes.

On the following paragraph I am going paint only through single words glimpses of the events that has been happening to me since December-2013. The following order is not necessarily associated with the chronicle order of events, rather than their mental order to me. I think it reflects more my subjective view and the depth of each event on my life.

There’s literally a long story behind every following word, this is why I call them “glimpses of me”

Whistleblower, Love, Dana, Relationships, Palestine, Racism, Broken, Mona, Evil, Remorse, Sex, Depression, Roaming, Direction, Decisions, No Smoking, Giving, Payback, Sharing, Nepal, Aytan, Gym, Classes, TUFF, Ash, RPM, Movenpick, Flowers, Morning Sunshine, Fantabulous Run, SC, Cold, Swine Flu, Mom, Rain, Spain, Philippines, Poland, Austria, Massage, Wine, Thromboses, Switzerland, Hostel, Frankfurt, Innsbruck, Upside Down, Decisions, Stockholm, London, Termination, Fights, Breakup, Reading, Religion, Lebanon, Beirut, History of God, Throw Up, Dianna, Billing, Roaming, Fraud, Corporate Security, Escalation, ToDo, فل, Are you married?, Smile, Sunshine, Mounir, New Car, Stuck in the Mud, GLK, Bakr, Omar, Sobbing, Crying, Moving, Ezdan, Laura, Karak, Katara, Swimming Pool, West Bay Garden, Shamsher, Go Sports, Cold, Gibran, The Man in the White Sharkskin Suit, Zen, Meditation, Alan Watts, Detoxification, Maha, Startup, Sharity, Startup Events, Doha, Mostly Vegan, Dubai, Hady, New T-Shirt, Souq, Birthday, More Confessions, More Rejection, Infidel in Love, Smile, Apply, LinkedIn, 400 Rejection Letters, Laugh, High On Life, Reading, You Can Heal Your Life, FMTV, Marriot, Qatar Incubation, Bedaya, Car, Travel, Customs, Short, Sleep by Borders, Sleep in the Car, Dubai, Hashem, Proxy, Ragab, Marzouk, ABS, Charbel, Ibrahim, Qatar Charity, Kawari, Apps, Egypt, Apple, AWS, Blogs, Shared-value, UN, Refugees, Empathy, Apathy, Multitasking, Love, CS Elliot, 4o Rules of Love, New Islam, Alcohol, Open Relations, Sex, Intimate Sex, Partnership, Wild Sex, Pool, Public Kissing, Conservative, Open-Minded, Best Sex Ever, Netflix and Chill, Cook at Home, Partner, Booty, Tinder, Miserable Birthday, Cheap Gifts, Neglected, Pushy, Needy, Gay, Student Center, MILF, Cute, Young, Closed Minded, Favorites, No Facebook, Delete Social, Minimalist, Reading, Coughing, Costa, Wash, Food, Addypin, 5:30, Sweet, Mayestahlushi, French Kissing, Stay With Me, Hello, Thinking Out Loud, Ya Hamam, Abo El Tageya Shebeka, Pendant, Want to Keep You Hydrated, Red, Rain, Hand on Hand, TUFF7, GYM, Monday, Friday, Yoga Together, Running, The Pearl, Golden Fish, National Day, No Hijab, Lovely Smile, Are you stalking?, Satchel, Kill you, Giving Up 13 Years Habit, Laugh from The Heart, Coffee Breaks and Talks, People Talking, Chocolate, I Got You The Books, Al Safwa, The Grey Abbaya, Detox Green Smoothie, Belly Button Piercing, Red Under, Zakhera, Pick Up, MIA, Reading Together, ya Amr ya Samir, Are You Kidding Me? Love Your Jacket, You’re Not a Rebound, Didn’t Drink Much, Parrot, Flew, Bin Umran, Car Hit, Clear The Water Under The Bridge, You Don’t Understand, I Got Engaged, I Said It Million Times, Are You Stupid? How Are You? Hi, Have A Good Day, CSR Award, Okay, Photobomb, Laptop, Photos Deleted, Worst Days, Let Down, Disappointed, Trunk, Electric Window, Sponsor, Moataz, Founding, LLC, Sharityworx, Cairenes, Accountant, Delays, Diligence, Ukraine, Barcelona, Finland, Fries, Disabilities, Cats, Train, Hot Shorts, 5 Elements, Booking, SMS Jet, Web Content, Stupidity, Pork, Abraham Hicks, Entrepreneur, Vodafone, BICS, Apply, Socioeconomic, Dumped, Long Love, Money, Contract, Clean, Shave, Pose, Arguments, No Talks, Yoga, Lena, Russia, Logo, Presentations, Exhibition Center, Shoes, Snickers, Craiglist, Tinder, Twitter, Mobile Switch, Giving, Cooking, No Feelings, Closure, No Closure, Latte, UNDP, Applift, SMS, Apply, UNHCR, Syria, Ooredoo, Suit, WiFi Password, Like, Jump, Bounce, Try Again, Always Trust Love, Faith, Believe, Energy, Dwindled, Duality, Move Your Bowls, Don’t Serve Them Tea, Thoughts, Light, Quantum, Tech4Good and Finally “Always Go The Extra Mile, it’s Never Crowded”

Till next time..