Scroll.. Scroll!

bath sil

Scrolling has become an integral part of our daily lives. The promise of having everything at our fingertips is so overwhelming and worrying at the same time, on the one hand we see that an ample amount of apps are being released every single day – nearly 500 a day – on the most popular platforms of Android and iOS. On the other we see a lot of very beneficial apps that really process certain painful banal tasks more efficiently than human.

There’s almost an app for everything you may or may not imagine. Every time you consciously decide using an app, you give up part of your brain and trade it off with a very fancy touchy screen – average user touches his phone 110 times a day – I wonder how many of our friends and beloved ones that we touch that much next to our phones.

The screeching voice of notifications calling for your attention is wallowing. Every single notification, a vibrating phone against your wooden table, or a blinking LED disturbs you from being present and conscious to what you were originally doing. Therefore it results a shorter attention-span, and causes your focus to dwindle and it takes you a whole amount of time to refocus again and bring all the energy back into what you were doing.

The scroll-scroll behavior is the integral contributor to the fallacy of multitasking, we have been sold the myth of linking multitasking with smartness. We measure the success of our days according to horizontal success, how many tasks we have accomplished through the day, the more the merrier. You text and drive, text and talk with friends, you check phone while talking to your beloved ones, you like a picture on facebook while thinking about a spreadsheet formula, you scroll-scroll the lengthy article cause you don’t have time to read all way through. You focus is always looking forward to the next moment. You start fidgeting waiting in a queue, you get the picture!

Which leads to continuously building a false expectations in every aspect of your life, you expect everything in your life to behave like google. You type the magic keywords and bam you get zillion of results in a fractions of seconds. You start expecting everything in your life to behave the same way as google. Your hard work should yield results the next week if not the next week. Your muscular mass should get bigger after a week of intense workout. Your friends should reply to you the next minute, everything should conform to your expectations the very next moment and this is when you keep hitting the wall.

Multitasking on the one hand leaves us with a false feeling of accomplishment, but it also takes away our feel of empathy. As you’ve experienced many things in your life merely through the surface, but never got the chance to experience the depth of anything. You were merely touched the surface, the experience of multitude but not the magnitude of life.

While unitasking require more focus and allows you to intently pour your energy into a certain task, it allows you to deep-dive all the way through the depth of a certain difficulty. That on the way down you start exploring the neighboring roots of other things you never thought they would be connected at the depth. As they seemingly way too far from being close in resemblance on the top. What you discovered at the depth is not only a new perspective on the difficulty, but more of a reflection of who you also are deep inside.

Now, would you keep multitasking and keep revisiting the same exact venues of everyday? Or start unitasking and start seeing the blind-spots that you were never entitled to see from the surface?! Think again..

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empathy and multitasking..


Let’s welcome the last two remaining untouched nations Cuba, and Myanmar joining the globalization monarchy – North Korea is hopeless.  These two nations represents the last remnants of indigenous cultures planned for extinction from their identity by opening up to the rest of the world.

7 months ago, I incorporated meditation as a daily practice of at least 30 minutes first thing in the morning, before getting tainted by the various cluttered emotions of the day that invariably comes from very popular sources like (TV, Social Media, Toxic friends). The practice of meditation has restored my being back to the pace of nature, it has easily made me more of a conscious observer to my thinking patterns, rather than being driven by toxic unconscious habits; and hence it has allowed me to grow more of an empathetic being, and a master in unitasking.

As awkward as it sounds, the fallacy of today’s world commends you for your multitasking, and ability to achieve much within a very little time-frame. The technology too has fast-grown to help you in achieving more in way less time, the food has become fast-food. The human communications has been stripped-down from 3D “body language (55%), tone of voice (38%), words (7)” to 1D “words (7%)”. No, it doesn’t leave a space for imagination, it leaves a space for more shitty thoughts your head makes according to your mood. This is why we have more strained relations than ever, we lack focus and rely on texting as a full contextual way of communication with others, where it only serves to deliver less than 7% of what we really mean?!

During your awakening time, you’re mostly engaged in at least 2 things – if not more – at the same time, you might be driving your fancy car while texting from your phone, or setting with your best friend while looking at your phone or Instagram your plate, or taking 10 selfies for a moment you’re barely living. You come home at the end of the day bored, too much done but nothing felt. Though looking at the productivity of the day, it looks like a lot has been done already. The quality-quantity syndrome, you get the picture.

Cuba and Myanmar till very recent time, had a very low internet penetration and very retro classical approaches to every day’s needs. Cuba for instance share the weekly internet digest of YouTube videos and other world trends through USB sticks sold by GB through centralized agents. Whilst Myanmar came at first place on par with USA in terms of World Giving Index – yearly report issued by CAF – Myanmar even had a very high engagement rates.

When you multitask, your head, heart and soul are barely given to anything solely. Your energy is scattered all over the place, easily wasted and quickly depleted. When you’re not immersed in the given task at hand, it’s never felt, and accordingly it’s never lived. It’s just another accumulated wasted present thrown at the past waiting to be regretted later at scale. The worst drawback of multitasking, is not focusing and failing to understand all the input coming in, which causes you to fail to be empathetic with others. When you lose your touch with your empathetic self, you fail to see yourself through others, you stop growing and stagnate; which doesn’t make you any less than a robot. Let’s celebrate!

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love can build canals!


Ladies and Gentlemen, It’s with a great pleasure that I am here among a lot of great minds whom I happen to share a lot of their outstanding traits. I summon the most important for anything big or small to happen, you should know your dharma, have compassion towards people you’re serving with your talent you honed for years, persistence to get over all the failures that became sort of your norm, since you starteed your journey to uplift the face of humanity. Finally you’ve inscribed your name and now we are reaping the efforts of the 10 thousands ways that didn’t work

My speech for Peace Nobel Prize laureate was created X years, and X months ago. I am not sure if I am the one who has painted this dream, or this dream has simply summoned me and I just had the blind faith to follow it all the way through. My own interpretion with my understanding of 2015 is that it was somehow already pre-destined, all what I had to do is just to follow, I do believe that if we listen to the mighty within all the way through, we will astound ourselves with what we are capable of. Through this gleaming moments –  that we all have – I could foresee glimpses of the future waiting for me, this is maybe what every other great human have had. They are no different from anyone, the only thing that differentiated them from the crowd, is that they had a blind faith and listenened to the voice within, and exrted unusual efforts for years to deserve such fine award as Nobel. This is to conclude, that all what it takes to be a nobel prize is achieavable by anyone who’s ready to have a blind faith, persistent enought to unkempt his talent till he find his calling/dharma and have plethora of love and compassion for his serving fellas, ready to bear all the toil to fulfill his calling.

How did I find my dharma was a mix of many circumstances that were formed in a not very easy way, the inception of Sharity was formed in Stockhholm, where I stumbled upon some roaming volunteers from UNHCR and SOS for the Syrian childeren at the time. I was in Stockholm for more than few weeks in attempt to find myself after the lucratively paying job I had in Qatar in a multinational has lost me for reasons that no longer matters. Stockholm was my tipping point to start my mission, and there were the begining of my uncharted way of rejections. I had quite few to keep me going. I always wanted to form my own story and almost all my adult life has been around provind to myself that love is one of the greatest forces on earth, that when it’s well used, it can get you the pinnacles of heaven

I originally created my business when I realized the calling for equality, i wanted to hold corporates more responsible and collaborating to help achieve more equality in earnings. One of the great women I ever loved at the time is Qatari and was very compassionate about CSR jobs, I created this business so that we can partner together on it. Which didn’t happen at all, but my love for her at the time, has pushed me enough to take off my business off the ground. I was impressed that one of the greatest achievements of the modern history, the Suez Canal, was created out of love. The magnificent french enterprenuer Ferdinand de Lesseps, was said to have built Suez Canal out of his love to the Eugiene, the beautiful girl who abandoned him to marry the Emperor Napoleon III. The Empress, to save her former lover from the Emperor’s wrath, when she induced him to leave France. If de Lesseps has built a great canal out of love, then I could bore my canal of giving too!

Believe in love as the greatest force on earth, and Sharity was the second proof in history!

Till next time!

the not..


It was another great day for me to get clarity, and conclude a new perspective on one of my turning points of my life, just few days before leaving Doha I was able to make peace with my myself and delivered the last due apologies for my mistakes that I may have done for one of my exes. It was not important how did she reacted, as much as it was important to live up to my values despite the mishaps.

I have learnt a lot for my past 3 exes, the Azeri has taught me that love can take you places you’ve never been too, and that it’s one of the most important drives to live by, I’ve learnt ever since how to be altruistic. I knew how to unconditionally love and give even when nothing in return seems to be coming, cause this is not the point, the point that you as a human naturally exude love if you let yourself, and you have to always to wish the other person to be at their best, if it meant that their best is not to be with you. Because of her, I am more altruistic and unconditionally loving

The Qatari has taught me how to be more patient in love, for her I moved back to Qatar and started a business that I never knew I was passionate about, in preparation to let her partner with me on the beautiful thing I am creating with my business, maybe to be the next big change in sustainability. My altruistic love to her has given me the power for 1 year till i was able to take off on my own, now I have my business almost done and I am very passionate about and ready to change the world on my own pace. I also learnt that listening and compassion go together, you can’t have one without the other. Because of her, I am more patient, I listen more, and know the real meaning of sacrifice.

The Palestinian has taught me that love always wins, despite the hardships I had with my former Palestinian manager who somehow was part of the reason of losing my job – next to me as major participant – she taught me how my values without action is a merely a belief, and faith is a belief in action, she taught me that I always should do what I say and say what I do. For her I lost my ego and was able to step up and be in line with my values again, she taught me the real meaning of helpless love and giving without expecting anything in return. I also learned that sex is the best way to communicate your feelings without speaking, it’s amazing when you have the right connection and feelings to someone. Because of her, I am more aligned with my values inside and outside, and loving to all sort of sentient beings, and despise racism with all my heart, and a firm believer in the power of sex.

Yes, they are all my exes. and it’s true that I’ve always been the breakee in those relations. In fact, I don’t remember any relation where I was eventually the breaker. For them, I was the not, for several reasons that remain unknown up till now. I was everything that they didn’t want to have in a partner. They have also served the same purpose for me, they were everything that I didn’t want to have in my partner.

How did I love them then, I loved them without their walls and fears, I loved their untainted souls and innocent selfless giving that I’ve momentarily seen during our short-term relation, where they ironically averaged to 3 months and never survived past this period, which is the honeymoon of any relation before you wake up and find out that you’re naked without your usual walls up in the sky. You wonder how long these walls been down, how long you’ve been naked, and how long this alien partner has been into my life, how far did they go and see behind these walls.

The same as for any believer, you have to go to the other camp of infidels, to know where you stand with your beliefs. You wouldn’t know you’re right unless someone else is wrong, you wouldn’t know you’re good unless someone else is bad. You wouldn’t know you’re here unless someone else is not there!

Till next time!

i’m here..


This is what I’ve lately been feeling most of the time, few days out of few when the universe is acknowledging my existence. While the rest of the days I mostly go just unacknowledged and unnoticed. Maybe it’s the lifeless life that I’ve been living for a year now, people I moved back for who were far from being there!

For those I yearn for their company, the distance seems to be dissipating. Even people I knew all over my life, they seem to be far from reach. Sometimes I wonder if I even exist, like if I shouted out loud no one will ever hear me, am I dead? I am not sure about this anymore..

What’s adding more to my feel of alienation is the distance in thinking between I and Others, I know that this 16 months of unemployment and entrepreneurship have drastically uprooted all the unnecessary unhealthy behaviours from the past, can’t deny that sometimes I get caught in patterns from the past, but I am more conscious of their coming to the surface from early on, which gives me enough time to take action and stop them before they penetrate deeper than the surface of my skin. I come to be in more control of my energy by closely watching my energy spending on thoughts, ideas, and feelings. Which is way easier when you watch yourself from afar, than relying on your most virus unconscious programs that are no longer working for you

I come to be more pacifist and more pro-passivity in a good way, I hold no one responsible for how I feel, and I keep reminding myself that I always have a choice to wear the right glasses to perceive a certain situation. I no longer fight life or my desires, and I always choose when fulfilling a call to question if it’s in line with my values. Maybe this was the core of letting go, you let go even fighting your desires, you don’t fight thinking by not thinking, you think and accept it all. You annul any pre-judgement or prenotion of anything that could be related to external influences. Be it tribal, religious or even ethnic.. that when you’re free to do it all and think it all, you truly come to figure out what you need to do. As I realized we tend to mostly do what we are told not to do, but when all the options are valid, you freely and willingly choose what you need to do, without substantial efforts as in the conventional ways, and this is exemplified in “the only way to get rid of temptation is to yield to it”

What happens when you yield to it?!

Sometimes you consciously abstain from it and decide that it’s no longer of use to you, some other times you realize that it was not really that bad as you thought it would be. Some other times you realize that this is the true to you, that it sounds like so you when you’re in the middle of it, some other times you feel like this something that you might have been doing in your past life. But in all cases, you just figure it out and drop  the act of pouring any further energy into it. Because you are no longer thinking about it, by now you should either have decided that it’s no good for you, or this is something I should always do!

I am still not sure about the fact of my existence, but I’m sure enough to exist somewhere.. maybe not here, not now.. but inevitably!

Till next time



“Hey, you may have missed feelings these feelings today” this is short for our life that has been amazingly labeled, filed, digitized, and stored. Every other creature on this planet is working hard to get your attention and become your Godfather of whatever you use daily. We have grown the power of storage and put everything on the cloud, IoT is coming and every little bit of you will be captured, labeled, filed, stored and retrieved for scrutiny when needed. It’s becoming almost impossible to forget

Your consuming behaviours, sleeping, happiness, sex, frustrations, and depression patterns will be joint with each  and every imprint of your digital identity on the social and professional media, along with your phone contacts, blog and words and different profiles of every aspect of our lives that corporates have ever aspired/aspiring. All these information will be grouped together and analyzed by other people than you to determine the type of life you should be living. They will tell you about the 8 things you should watch for when you poop, the exhaustive list of 16 FOMO you should incorporate on your daily life, top 10 to live by, or the 14 things to go by every day, or 31 habits to grow by 31. They will dictate how you should be feeling every day. While you are barely helplessly observing what’s happening before you like a jackass smiling about how everything that has been predicted by other experts of your life is exactly happening. You get the picture!

In the process, you will gradually loosen the bond with your individual self while you will be strengthening the group self. Where you will be basically be wired to do what everyone else is doing, you will lose you willpower to face anything on your own. Facing your own shadow will always require extensive search and inquiries from others who have stronger willpower than yours, and will literally take you ages. Every aspect of your life will become entangled with other unreal things you thought are related to your problem. You will find that at any single moment of your life to address a problem, it has a lot of prerequisites that lies outside of your control and you will think that this is only way out. The line between the individual self and the group self will diminish that you will lose track of which are your own feelings, and which are the feelings that have been imposed on you

What amazingly happens that on your daily life you will exert a lot of efforts to relate and assign names and judgements to feelings, the feelings that you’ve been repressing long enough that you almost lost track of its causes and you end up assigning it to the wrong causes, and after some time of starting the work on the causes, you realize that nothing is changing. You may try to get past some points of your life, but the internet and the power of technology has left small space close to none to forget anything. The evil promise of technology, of extending the length of our memory to infinity, is adding more burden on being deliberately oblivious, forgetting the things you want to get past. Your lived life is always few clicks away, summarized in pictures, likes, tweets and posts. You no longer can be oblivious, no place to be oblivion. Your willpower has been abducted!

The power of forgetting and impulsive actions based on guts have been abolished by technology. We have over empowered humans with plethora of information, and the big machines that predicted everything, that we have confined our perception of this amazing life to words, numbers, equations and research suggests. We no longer believe in anything that doesn’t come in the above formats, we refuse to do anything that hasn’t been done before or researched enough. We no longer act on impulses and take things as they are, if anything perceived can’t be measured, labeled and put into an equation then it’s deliberately obliterated from our radar of perception. We have lost creativity and the sense of adventure, that we call someone acting upon on his feelings crazy, and if they didn’t we would still blame them at the same time for not being courageous enough

I think it’s time to rethink again your beliefs and track them down to the real depth of you, try to find their roots. When you find no roots but mere habitual belief that doesn’t make sense to you, it might be a good idea to replace with another that serves you better. Don’t take a belief to the tooth, you don’t want to give up your teeth that early. Don’t worry you’ll keep changing them as your underwear

Till next time!

shit happens!

don define wrld in blk

I’ve made up my mind,
Don’t need to think it over
If I’m wrong, I am right
Don’t need to look no further,
This ain’t lust
I know this is love

But if I tell the world
I’ll never say enough
’cause it was not said to you
And that’s exactly what I need to do
If I end up with you

Should I give up?
Or should I just keep chasin’ pavements
Even if it leads nowhere?
Or would it be a waste
Even if I knew my place?
Should I leave it there?
Should I give up?
Or should I just keep chasin’ pavements
Even if it leads nowhere? [thoughts interrupting]

– But I have been patient for a long time?

– So? What do you want now? a trophy?

– I want to feel good

– Ok, feel good.. what’s stopping you?

– I’ll be when I move on, create a new routine and get back to the old me

– I see you’re conditioning your happiness again, and trying to force your will upon the universe again with your expectations. Don’t you know that this is not how the universe works; what’s the routine you want to create anyways? do you mean more life distractions so that you don’t have to think about really living, or, in other words, to get back to the pain that you know. But even the pains that you’re acquainted with, are not fitting anymore, you need to expand more and your trajectory needs to be changed, and I know no other way to expand your existing frontiers but this way!

– But this is too painful, that change is just hard as fuck!

– Well, on the one hand, your life has been relatively stable and grown stall over the past 5 years, and I needed your attention. You’ve been busy placing a brick after the other where you refused to follow your guts that something needed to be changed, and you simply discarded the early warnings and kept building your walls. Simply cause you didn’t see any reasoning to these feelings. I had to pull down your walls, it was my way to shout at you.. Attention, I am the present, I am the only eternal thing in your life, and you’re not living me at all, I tried many times to draw your attention but you never took heed. You’ve either been depressed looking at your past, or anxious looking at your future, and I have some lessons for your growth that I had to deliver..

– But I’ve been doing all good and been following all the rules, being good and helping others, gratitude and the list goes on and on. Why this had to happen to me?!

– Why? don’t you trust me? and If I answered your question, would you promise not asking more?

– Well…

– I don’t think you will dear, your inquisitive manner is inscribed in you. This is part of the excitement, remember!

– But how to expect without expecting? do you want me to lose control?

– No, the thing here that when you expect and the universe fails to deliver what you anticipated, you will be frustrated and be prepared to be so most of the time. Along with expectations comes distraction and defocus, as you’re much more focused on the outcome than the path to the outcome. Along the path, you may come across a better trajectory that makes more sense to you at the time, but you won’t recognize it when you’re defocused. So you first miss the detour, and you miss the final destination when it doesn’t meet your expectations, it’s a double loss! When you don’t expect things and focus on the path than the journey, you achieve more and you are more altered to changing your course, and when you arrive you won’t feel much pain and arriving, and most of the time more satisfaction, as if your achievements are appearing from the nowhere.

– But I expected to be more devastated, and I am pissed off at myself for not being up to my expectations of my frustrations. I am not frustrated enough!

– What? Do you hear what you’re saying? In relation to what you’ve stated your E X P E C T A T I O N S?

– What we’ve been told from similar experiences, novels, movies..

– But movies exaggerate dear they always do, same as novelists and philosophers, they have to. Partly because humans vary on their perceptions of mishaps, depth ensures engaging more audience and getting the message across to a broader audience. But this is not always the case

– But this is too tough for me to handle!

– It wouldn’t have missed you; if it were not for you. Even if this looks like shit for you, be sure that no matter what you do, when shit is due, it will be. If you keep on chopping life to bits and pieces of things and events, you get it out of its context and it causes you more dilemma. The pixel that you magnify at your TV screen is part of a bigger picture that has not been fully rendered, it will be rendered in time when you once look back and connect the dots and know that you’d not have taken this trajectory if the wall did not fall. I can only assure that the good will always outweigh the bad eventually. Meanwhile, you need to trust, follow your guts and take the leap of faith

– But I am pissed of, but I can’t allow this to manifest, I can’t allow my feelings to go on a ride

– Your feelings won’t bite, they just need to be expressed. you can let them manifest now and be free, or you can repress them now, if you’re lucky the steam will get back at you at some point for the trivial reasons and turn to either outrage or sudden despair, or as the time prolongs it starts heading inward that it manifests to some temporal sickness in the body turning to a medium depression, and worst if you are keeping these long resentments long enough, you have the ability to turn them into cancer. Your repressed emotions as they demand to be acknowledged and expressed, they turn to mood swings, then to temperament before they become ingrained in your character. Pick your pick!

– What if I couldn’t control my emotions, and they took time to quieten?

– Well, you need to keep them under your radar, express and watch how your mood changes. Releasing the steam may take some time and won’t happen over time, but its acuteness always tend to lessen as you make way. What lasts with the same intensity over longer period might be your own ego giving you the illusory look by victimizing yourself. But this is not true, it’s your Ego is your intellect trying to rationalize the fear you are not facing, so that you feel better about yourself. Ego manifests itself as thoughts, feelings, words, actions. Not all thoughts are ego based. Ego is not the problem, ego is the symptom of a bigger problem, ego points the way to fear. Fear is the real problem, without fear, there is no need for ego

Shit happens yes, but I guess now it’s not the same type of shit that you used to know.. at least not anymore!

Till next time!