these feelings are not mine..


This blog has been on my head maybe for the past 2 weeks, i even thought about the right picture in my head as part of coming up with this. I had again to write it to clear the top of the stack, and allow more new life conclusions to come. It’s like clearing mental cloak of thoughts..

The universe again has been throwing good influences at my face, to help me more in the personal growth that should help me in better on my journey. It was Alan Watts, another Taoism Western philosopher, who’s gifted with a charismatic voice, and a subtle sense of humor that made his speeches elates your mind, and seduce your soul

I could finally tap my hands on the influence of being conditioned from the society to feel a lot of things, i realized that a lot of the daily feelings that rinse my soul are not really mine, in the sense that i was conditioned to feel that way, because either i was expected, or was reacting from my conditioned self or subconscious.

Now, after nearly a month of meditating, i could notice a lot of positive changes on myself. in terms of physiological health, controlling my appetite, being more aware about my needs and when i need to stop. accompanied by a feeling of tranquility and quietness, more peace with my existence, less resentment and more accepting and more presence in the now. And more new feelings washing over me, deep feelings of contentedness to everything around me. I can’t deny that i lost a lot of weight of emotions than didn’t belong to me, these feelings that has always been attributed to me, rather than me attributed to it

It takes a lot of effort to unlearn, and de-condition what you’ve been used to feel and react for years. But it comes with a great relief when you give up on these feelings. Of the things I’ve deeply understood finally, that everything that happens to me, is actually happening with me.. in the sense that I am the cause and the effect at the same time, which has led me to be more aware of my karmic circle, that i am working harder on clearing it as i tread in life.. it’s back to the energy theory, that every action, or word vibrates in a certain way, and the universe responds to it according to its intentions. I could say that actions and words are coupled with intentions at which the energy is determined. If your actions, and/or words are in line with your intentions, then the energy produced is believed to be more powerful to the cause and effect, that you’d most probably get the effect/reply from the universe upon you, but on the right time. The opposite is also true, if your actions and/or words coupled with intentions are not homogeneous, it is believed that the energy produced from each will negate each other, and will probably cause no to negative effect/reply from the universe

I’ve always believed that intentions are the gateway to make things happen, this is why when we pray or meditate we always keep on repeating the intentions as mantras, as sort of affirmation to the universe and reminder to our conscious self that this is what we are trying/intending to do, and here it comes the actions that follows, as a sort of bringing the energy to it to make it happen, or in other words to make it observable

It’s really awkward the idea of how relational and interdependent is our universe, in the sense that everything is proved to exist in relation to other things, no single entity in this universe exist on its own, maybe this what makes this what brings the oneness to the universe, and made everyone from far east teachings teach us that all cause and effect are interrelated, the unity, the oneness.. etc. I finally got to understand what does it mean that you should love yourself first, before you are able to let anyone love you. If you love yourself truly, and the universe is a reflection of you, what you put into it. Then in your eyes, your subjective universe will be good, which will make you in turn see the good in everyone, and help you in being more compassionate, and feel empathy for other’s pains.. maybe!

It’s also noticeable how we are unconsciously influencing everyone around us by just being, if whatever around us is a subjective image of how our neural system has sensed through the retina of the eyes, the drums of the ears, and smell through of the nostrils. This makes the universe around us a subjective universe, can you imagine that there are more than 7 billion earths as subjectively perceived by humans?! this is next to other/all living creatures and their subjective perception of the universe. This is endless, but it’s magnificent at the same time.. and less boring, and more encouraging at least for the human species, as everyone see their earth differently, and they know what it needs the most according to his subjective universe

The idea of the subject and object, that the object needs a subject to acknowledge its existence. The observer needs an observee to exist, the observer puts their subjective energy into the observee and make it an object. This is is how we are relational universe works, nothing exist without the other, nothing comes from the void, and the existence of anything is proved by its relation to the other. As if creating a new thing into the world, like in my case founding a company takes a lot of time of accumulated energy, and self affirmation before anyone can acknowledge the validity of my idea. The energy that I put into energy which comes from the daily self affirmations, coupled with actions and doing, is the energy that I will be getting in time from the same exact thing.. after certain amount of energy, people will start acknowledging the newly created object, and start accordingly pouring energy into it, allowing it o flourish more and more.. and this is what a believe is like, pouring your energy into the unknown, till the unknown receives enough energy to come from the unknown..

Concluding that life works in energy fields.. and you create such energy when your intentions, are homogeneous with your words and actions, that you out in a certain idea or object that after a certain amount of time, it emerges from the unknown.. this is why we are always advised with repeating positive mantras to ourselves, before taking actions.. a way to remind ourselves and aligning our actions with our intentions.. a way to open up an energy channel to start pouring into with your words and actions.. when you do something that you love, you have your words, and actions are aligned together that you feel that the impossible has become possible. The opposite is also right, when things does not seem to happen, something has been wrong in the formula.. your intentions were not in line with your actions and words

This means that from now on, you have all the control over how life is happening to you, you can wisely choose where to invest your energy which is also formed as feelings, this includes freeing yourself from the energy of unnecessary feelings.. the feeling that the world is conspiring on you, happening to you, rather than happening with you or responding to you.. viewing everything as normal even if they have no clear understanding to you.. knowing that your subjective universe is the one that may needs clearance and cleansing from your viscous karmic circle.. knowing how to send, receive and spend your energy on things that really matters. Knowing that when you’re authentic and genuine, which translates into a homogeneity between words, actions and intentions.. which results flowing with life, rather than being against it..

The struggle between you and the universe, is a struggle of energy you thought you’ve invested and put into the universe, at which it responded to your energy. When you realize that you’ve been the culprit all along the way, when your intentions were not aligned with your words and actions.. have a look again on yourself, it has always been you.. the universe does not commit mistakes!

Till next time..

city of zombies!


When I was youngster between the age of 5 and before hitting my puberty.. way before life started pouring more weight on my shoulder, life was way much easier.. i remember that i was a real free-spirit flying and playing in my own playground, i had no memory that lasted more than a couple of days, i was happy like a golden fish in a small glass bowl swimming tirelessly and effortlessly without such seemingly any sign of boredom.. i had a memory that lasted for 3 seconds, for that i never got bored of taking rounds in the same bowl, the scenery and life outside the pot always seemed anew and that has always put a smile om my face.. i was simply happy.. i was simply am..

Then i hit my puberty, or it hit me.. i don’t recall which statement is what i mean, but i guess we both hit each other.. it was this time when i discovered that my lower part has more can bring me some type of pleasure that was simple thrilling, that’s a new use next to taking a leak.. not only that, i also started to grow some feelings and natural unknown force of attraction towards beautiful teenagers from the opposite sex, that was a hell of a discovery.. it was like finding another use for my heart, and having feelings for something else than football and parents.. the unknown overwhelming force that up to this day, humans always stumble upon comprehending their feelings felt.. only few were able to get close to what is it like, love i mean.. but i am here to talk about the others!

Numb people, cold-faced, poker faced, stone heart.. people who we think don’t feel anything, but actually they are the ones who feel everything but choose not to express it.. the suppressors rangers, and they are by far countless or the vast majority of people we come across on every corner of our daily encounters in life.. it’s your watchman who greets you in the morning just because he have seen you, it’s the guy you who serves your cappuccino at starbucks, who falsely smiles and right down your name, and return to the regular frowned face as soon as you pay, it’s your colleague who smiles at you and murmurs you the good morning with a so-made up smile, and adjust his face back to normal once the forced things of every morning is over.. it’s the sales guy at the retail shop who welcomes you and thanks you at the end of your checkout, and you always thank him her back while looking at your mobile.. it’s simply all the forced up communications and life etiquette that we have to act and do everyday without slightly thinking to process it consciously. it’s every fake attempt that you are confined to by your people, to be accepted, supposedly respected, and be granted the status you worked hard on presenting the way you wish you’d be.. with the branded clothing and posh eye gazing, topped with the eye-shades, and complemented with your super made-up outlook that remotely relates to who you are..

You were taught that looking cold-faced and collected, and hardly acknowledging the existence of others is something that people will be associated with high power, and will always protect you from the danger of the outside existence, everyone wants a piece of you and running after you, and it’s really crucial to keep this outlook and maintain it, you need protection. You hardly acknowledge feelings, cause you have wired your brain not to feel, or express your childish attitude, or your innocent impulsive reaction to something good done for you, don’t forget about your walls, and your fortress.. remember the last time you pulled them down what happened, you were fucked!

Yes, let someone speak to you and never answer them back timely or never.. cause you need to maintain the upper hand, you need to feel the power of something seeking your revered attention, put on your eye-shades and drive your fancy car, and only wave with the tip of your fingers at the valet guy, cause you are not equal.. definitely you are not, cause i am sure he’s much happier than you are, and laughs more often than you do..

It’s nice to not acknowledge someone’s existence, and it’s always nice to note thank those who are trying to help you by being nice to you, though you mostly don’t deserve it.. your walls are really so important, don’t forget to bring them all along with you, and from time to time, just change their colors and maybe hang some artistic frames on them, they are really protecting you from the outside cruel world, you are safe inside your own enclosure..

I still remember when i couldn’t care less about others reactions, and didn’t have too much knowledge, rules and constraints put before me.. i was impulsive and enjoyed every bit of it, i didn’t mind speeding, cause i didn’t think of dying or accidents, i always did what i wanted to do, i was bolder, braver.. i was freer than i am now.. by the time i grew, the scenes of life have started to make sense before me, i got out of my safe circle of the family and had to face it all on my own, i learnt by time how to build walls, they were not nice at the beginning, people said i am silent or maybe shy.. and i was wondering and saying to myself.. “isn’t this what life has taught us as adolescents, walls” I grew even more, and matured more and knew from others that your walls can look brighter, and colorful that people may get deceived that you’re open, but don’t worry they are all in the same boat as you, they have painted their walls too.. and they call it life etiquette, you’ll enjoy it and will get used to it.. all what you have to do is just to follow suite, do what everyone else is doing and keep doing it until it becomes a habit..

Oh! inside your enclosure what to do, don’t worry about thinking.. you don’t have to do it, we will tell you what to do, we will fill every single space of your awakening time with things that naught your mind, and generate money for others.. thinking is old fashioned way to live in the contemporary world.. we will not tell you directly what to do, but we will subtly influence you what you think is missing out of your life, we will reshape it the way we think would generate more money for few, and keep the rest a replica of one another.. life style, eat, health, psychological, trends, gadgets, technology.. oh, we will fill your life of excitements and fill it with processed ingredients, we are working hard on disconnecting your soul from your mind and body.. we will make everything around you do the work.. we will usurp your will, and make you hire your will, and hire people to push you forward..

While you have just successfully stroke out your existence, and called off your brain and chose to be painted with the same brush as everyone else, you have successfully followed our tactful plans, and usurped your will, and implanted some useless dogmas that works for us and makes our lives richer by giving you time fillers for money.. You’re stupider than ever, and we are richer and happier than ever! Yet, you have also felt the same median feelings as everyone else, cause you simply never thought or experienced anything out of your fancy enclosure and bright walls!

How would you like your breakfast served Sir!

Till next time

my canvas..

hopeWith more challenges ahead in my life, a lot of mood swings coming my way that looks like a random stroke of a dark colored brush on my canvas that used to be filled with vibrant colors. With life’s enforced ebb and tide, more people going out of my life, leaving empty spots for new joiners to join soon.. it’s daunting to witness your life transition phase that looks like drought for now, while waiting for the new joiners who will accompany me to my next achievement.. i have to admit, it’s challenging to every single moment of my life, to generally keep the perspective of reality.. not the good or the bad side of things, just the reality perspective.. it fractures my bones to get a whole grasp of all these fast changes happening, i accept and surrender to the less attractive side of life.. while trying to keep my head above the surface

But, what do i see coming my way.. here’s how i chose to paint my canvas.. it’s interesting, come with me.. let’s paint my canvas with my brush, cause i want it to be good and i want to take a memoir out of this phase of my life..

I see new friends coming my way, who are compassionate and have a lot to give and share with me

I see more than a casual encounter with nice grow ups, there won’t be still settling down.. but more fun and life waiting to be lived

I see an interesting period of challenging business, that will reap in few years from now

I see me growing wiser, more patient yet still with the spirit and enthusiastic approach to life

I see the lines between play, business and life are blurry and almost mixing up, when business becomes fun, and relationships becomes meditation, and life becomes my golden fish that i look after like a kid from the glassy pot

I see me travelling coming my way, i see all the doors that used to be closed in the past being opened before me..

I see more of my incubated ideas coming to life, and getting a lot of traction and liked by many

I see myself efficiently utilizing my capabilities and learning, and giving back to people and being so beneficial to others, rather than being a burden to the world

I see m myself a Nobel laureate in few years from now, giving a short funny speech about how i got my business started, and how the power of LOVE has got me started by good giving business

I see myself reviving the values long forgotten by our unnecessarily fast-paced life, leading by example and again sharing my experience with people about how LOVE is one of the greatest forces in earth that can move mountains, not only if you believed in it, but practiced it in every little action that you do

I see love is always requited, maybe not in the way expect it.. but it certainly pays back from all the other doors you never thought it’d come through..

I will tell the world that nothing is easy gained, and this is the point of living fully your dreams..

I will lead by example that nothing will work out, until you first have the full intentions and guts towards achieving that goal.. anything else achieved without intentions, love, wrapped with your convictions.. will merely by a success, rather than a checked box of your to-do list

I will succeed for me, for myself and my own growth.. but in the process, i will not forget to share all this with the world

Till next time

a colonized mind..


This is what resonated with my couple of days ago tide of tears that went out of control.. a colonized mind. It’s a paranormal feelings that i am having, every time i look back on the person who was sobbing in the car. A controversial feelings that the person who sobbed is out of me already, and that i left him there at the dark empty parking lot.. and another feeling that i sort of miss that person that i want to check up on him, pat him and assure him that everything will be ok and alright.. some other times i feel like i want to see him again, and solace him by jointly sobbing again with him.

I caught myself being oversensitive these days, and that my tears have become closer than before.. maybe it was the recently exploration that sobbing was really one of the deepest feelings i have every felt in sometime..  could be for the comfort that was accompanied by the loud sobbing and flinching. Maybe because i totally felt in commune with God.. i could feel my sobbing had mixed feeling of blame and questioning God on why you’re making it so hard for me, you know I’ve been trying hard to be good and do good, and now i just give up and i can’t see what you want me to see anymore.. i am fucking weak and you better show up, cause i just can’t take this load off my shoulder anymore.. i can’t be that wise, well-tempered, smiling and overly optimistic and always seeing the good side of every shit.. i fucking give up and i do need your help.. a significant help, don’t tell me about the prayers and smiling and everything.. i did all that and it’s not sustainable on the short term.. and please please show me some signs other than just gut feelings that is always mixed up with other uncontrollable feelings

I was looking up while crying from my deepest well, directly from my chest and offloading all the pain and blame and redirecting it to God.. I felt his presence in a way or another, i didn’t feel alone.. i felt frustrated for him being afar from me, not sure though who has been far.. me or him.. i felt like a child, a kid who’s crying himself out for not finding his mum, or getting lost in an old market, only seeing the legs of the giants around him and have no orientation whatsoever about how to get back home.. and every time i looked up, i would sob even more and kept on repeating “why me”.. and “i just can’t take it anymore” “i don’t deserve all this shit pouring over my head” “what did i do”.. i was heard.. and he was there, and i was pissed of.. but i was relieved later.. i was like turning my back to him once i got to my room.. in a way to show that i don’t wanna talk to you.. but he’s sweet, he didn’t mind it.. he’s always there for me, and i know that..

It’s one of my toughest time in my life, when you are given the 24 hours back from your 9-to-5 job and you take the full responsibility of spending your day-to-day the way you want and wish.. it’s terrifying, and now i can understand how comfortable is the comfort zone, and how weak will spirits tend to exchange responsibility and risk with corps, against a monthly pay, if you agree let your mind be colonized by these false convictions.. you exchange your life for money, to achieve corps dreams and ambitious.. that they draw and plan for you.. they paint your comfort zone with nice colors along with nice frames that quotes wise words quoted from free thinkers who were mostly not a 9-to-5 workers..

They make your comfort zone looks nice, and they keep repeating the false mantras of hard work, and multitasking, leadership.. they dazzle your eyes with money, and status.. you buy status.. a title, a fancy car.. they feed your greed more and more, and colonize your mind of more wants, and free it from any valuable needs.. you seldom find your 24 hours are spent on real needs, rather than just societal norms shaped in shape of wants.. they teach you more and more about curbing your emotions, your poker face at business, how to be more superficial and gain more by doing less. They sell you soft skills that tamper with your humanity, and train you that these behavioral conflicts are something personal, and it’s a stigma that can neither be shown nor expressed in public.. blame yourself, and vent it out away from work.. or maybe through workout?!

Workout, you need a work life balance, you need to have this body. the abs, the waist line and the thigh gaps.. wait, you need to sign for a reputable gym, you wouldn’t want to end up working out with people from lower classes, who sweat and smell.. pay this and acquire your status, by associating yourself with this world chain gym.. wait, you can’t workout with regular outfits.. sports wardrobe.. the brands again, the shorts and the shirts.. this is better fit for cardio, this is more for weight lifting.. wait, you need gloves, a water bottle, and wearable to count your precious calories, more and more of things..

Now eat healthy, buy the organic food from here, this is the best for your life and overall health.. distinguish yourself from others, eat this not that.. then again, it’s ok not to say no for pizza.. one unhealthy meal won’t hurt.. now work, workout, eat healthy, some junk.. manage work, fake a smile, poker face, suppress your feelings, know the new trends to be in the know, do more new crazy things to get you out of the circle we have created for you..repeat, you’re in the circle, caught and you have no idea that you’re trapped, and the mantras that all these corps are trying to upsell you is so successful by persistently, relentlessly repeat the same contradicting message again and again..

The sick mantra of repeating of corps works like this.. you want this, you need it.. you can’t live without it.. now it’s becoming an addiction, you need to get over it.. to get over it, you want this.. you need it.. repeat until your death.. this is simply is our modern colonized mind..

Now tell me, how the hell can you be anything but another copy of a human, experiencing a daily inhumane numb life, filled with nuances and void.. and you barely find it painful when you are awake and conscious with no preordained fill in for this empty space.. when you come to face your colonized mind, and start confronting yourself with this familiar question.. “Now what? what should i do with my mind, thinking?! oh that’s too painful.. i almost forgot how to do it”

Now i sort of know why i am somewhere else with me trying to fill in the gaps of my disparate time.. it’s a real tough job to fill in the pieces and make it make sense..

Till next time

Just sobbing..


Yesterday, It was my paramount day for me when i have literally psychologically collapsed.. it all started in  the car while relocating for the nth times, and after 1 day from temporarily changing my location, where i felt unwelcome by one of my friends who used to be of the closest at some point of my life.. an overwhelming feelings of hurt from all those around me, from failing friends to close friends, to those i fell for.. the 3 exes. My eyes started a bit shiny, then with the first teardrop I just couldn’t help it but cry even more in the car.. sobbing and flinching uncontrollably that I had to park at the next available location, where I couldn’t help but cry even more from the deepest part of my chest

Sobbing for all the pain i’ve been causing to myself from giving people endless chances to make up their mistakes, and always excusing them for the shit that they did, and blame their circumstances and immaturity in facing their life hurdles, sobbing for all the embarrassments and humiliations i put myself into asking any of my exes to stop hushing me up, and listen to me properly.. sobbing for all the past times i put myself down as a doormat, and always believing that i should just stop reacting to those who treat me bad, and act properly and that the world will sort itself out when i do..

Sobbing at all the hard times I didn’t have my ex standing by my-side on my hard time at work, and when i had a swine flu. sobbing for being rejected and put down from friends and exes whenever i tried to speak up myself and tell them to stop hurting me, it fucking hurts.. sobbing to take all this pain inside and not letting it out, as i am the more mature guy who knows better ways to handle frustrations and people’s shortcomings. Sobbing for not sobbing since my aunt departure for 9 years ago.. sobbing for all the times i sobbed in my dreams but not in real life.. sobbing for the injustice that have been put upon me and the principles i stood for that got me fired.. sobbing for failing to put up any walls, and always dealing from the heart and always being taken for granted

Sobbing for my confusion about which world are we living in! sobbing about my insecurities that rose to the surface in such a rough time, of not knowing if i am gonna make it or not, sobbing for being alone from any kind of support, from finding someone who would understand my tears and deep pain, and telling me that everything will be fucking ok.. sobbing at the world from being so soaked up with insecurities wrapped by materialistic attitude. Sobbing from the cold people as ice who show no feelings, but don’t mind showing walls and their cold skin.. sobbing for standing for my principles, in saying and doing and getting nothing but hurt and pain from people.. sobbing for my fear of collapsing and turning to another insincere human, where no one can see anything but walls.. sobbing for living in an alienated world who always attributes you to what you have.. sobbing at hurting myself, and more of allowing myself to be hurt endlessly.. sobbing for caring to people’s feelings and having no one caring for my fucking feelings..

Sobbing at being neglected from people i care for the most, sobbing for seeing no people but walls, sobbing from failing to adjust my behavior to this cold world, sobbing for not listening to many advises of ignoring people.. sobbing for giving people chances i know they will always miss, sobbing for the times i was harshly rejected, sobbing for the times my feelings were invalidates and discarded for not fitting into this snow aged world.. sobbing for all the other mistakes i did to cover up my fears, and wrap my insecurities, sobbing for being unsure if i should i stand for my values which does seem to fit anymore, or just leave them aside and be another cold creature hiding in their own forte.. sobbing for my deceased father whom i miss the most, and sobbing for not sobbing at his funeral 8 years ago.. sobbing for the lies and false witness i had to face at work to justify my termination.. sobbing at my extreme weakness, and the hopeless case i come to, being alone in Doha with many people with walls, and none to really understand that state i come to

Sobbing painfully from the depth of my chest for nearly unstoppable 30 minutes, sobbing for the past 9 years lows and deeper lows.. sobbing for all the yesterdays i failed myself.. just sobbing!

Till next time..



Listen son..

This is one of the basic requirements for a seeker: that he should be a learner. What I mean by “learning” is that one should always function from the state of innocence. One should not carry conclusions inside oneself – because those conclusions won’t allow you to learn. If something does not go against them, you are bound to reject it. And if something does not go against them, then you are not learning anything – only your old prejudice is strengthened more..

So, a lot of people tell you a lot of fallacies about me. A lot speak of my name.. some claim being better connected than others to me. Some people bomb others claiming fighting others who believe that they are beheading under my supervision, as if it’s part of my orders, the funny things that the first bomb and ask for my blessings, and the later behead after reciting my name for blessings too! You don’t want to know what I have for them, a SURPRISE!

The above guys all fighting under my name from different perspectives.. though they claim to be coming from different places in earth, some of them claim to be coming from western camp field and affiliate themselves to the developed civilized hemisphere of my earth, whilst the Middle Eastern camp field are somehow influenced by American movies of Game of Thrones, Troy and Lord of The Rings, and acting very heroic by enslaving women, fleeing my other Christian believers, and raping their women..

And there’s the media camp field, who normally make money from selling news and creating more conspiracy theories about what’s happening on the ground from all point of view of not the truth, but for whoever flush them more with money..
I know it might be confusing amid all these confusions to lose patience, and along with it your faith in me.. to be honest, if i were you, I would have probably lost my faith too. But I am not you, and you are not me.. and this is what makes me God..

With some hindsight, you can say that I neither support nor condemn whatever happens by your fellas to you.. and that might be awry by my followers, always asking me the same questions day-in-day-out what the hell is happening? and why are you allowing it to happen? and to be honest, I never answer back meaningless questions, cause this is not how i operate..

On the western camp where most of the OECD and developed countries are trying to lead, hoping to paint the world with their own brush. USA and EU on one side, with Russia and China on the opposing side. They claim to be civilization evangelists coming to emancipate slavery, eradicate poverty and supporting other nations to the right way of living under some stupid notion called “democracy” which looks stupid to me, as if they are trying to reinvent the wheel that I’ve already created and made it quite clear three times through my 3 divine religions (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam), that’s apart from non-divine religions (Buddhism, Sikhism likes)

But none of the above have made it any further than what they have made it at their countries, yes they did a lot of advancement in many fields to push humanity forward – not in all the cases – for 2 simple reasons.. they paid the price of their persistence, second I made it available when on the time i decided is the right time.. and this is a God thing you won’t understand..

On the Middle East camp, you can see a contradicting life happening there.. a broad range of everything, skyscrapers and white thobes with black abayas, with a lot of big monarchies.. some countries are wealthy with their resources, while some are wealthy with their human resources.. however the whole middle east is so naïve that the west are marketing their products to them, they sell them literally everything.. from cars, to fashion, to language.. even their local fashion embraced by the gulf states are made by the west.. that’s next to being apart over some minor changes between cults that are human made like Sunnis and Shias, Durooz and much more.. whilst this is not what i have revealed before Muhammad my messenger, but this is not our concern..

Far east.. that’s full of other beloved followers who are normally ignored by the mass, but their monarchies and autocrats are recognized.. quite submissive, some countries have made it.. like Japan, South Korea.. Malaysia, Singapore, and China.. some others have a long way to like India and Thailand.. but anyways, they are mostly recognized by being the poorest with many pagans

In the bigger scheme of things, relatively.. I see some camps are doing better than others.. take the west for instance are way ahead in terms of cash and technology advancement, and proclaiming humanity and caring as being soled by their media machines. Yet, their communities are not as happy as it may seem, they have developed technology but left their people behind. The result as you can see is going for the extremes, and not caring about one another.. being isolated in their own communities

Middle East are not any better as well, the states are torn apart and they absolutely have everything and nothing at the same time.. this region is torn in many facades, between bigotry, discrimination based on wealth, religions.. and in most of the regions based on cults that i didn’t even create.. they were an easy prey and sold themselves to the west camp, who is totally absorbing their resources.. from weaponry, to life style products, to fashion and culture and traditions.. yet, the only thing they might be proud of is their traditions that is mixed up with religions..

Always stick to your conscience. Never let anyone else keep it for you. And I mean anyone else..

I was just laying out to you an overview of the heated regions on the planet earth, and how things looks like from a Godly perspective.. You can see that I listen, and always listen because simply I have my time with you as promised to talk with you about what you’ve been doing on earth.. If you have the power, you don’t need to threaten people and show off your muscles.. because you have nothing that you need to prove to anyone.. and this is exactly how I as a God act.. I don’t have to prove anything to anyone.. cause simply If i want to do something i will do it, don’t need a permission or a prayer or anything..
I have created you for a purpose, I drew some outlines for you to follow, most of your life will be made based on your choices, I know what you may do, but you get to choose what you want to do.. at points you may disobey may, and this won’t get me happy.. but it’s part of the freedom i granted to you when i created you from myself..

I have favored you over other creatures and gave you a brain to think with, I asked you to follow me and no one but me.. don’t try to find me in people, I have created them and they are equal.. they should not be leading you, giving you promises on my behalf or even act as if they are my delegates.. i don’t have one delegates on earth, you are all my delegates on earth collectively.. don’t try to fathom me, don’t try to judge me, or label me.. the result will be a total failure or infidel.. and mostly devastating.. all i asked for is whenever you want to reach out to me, just reach out and talk to me, in any form and way.. i won’t answer you, but definitely you will feel my presence.. don’t bother yourself with people, different religions.. or things that does not make much of sense to you.. want to know me, get inside yourself and reach out to your spirit.. abolish your ego, it’s not me and has nothing related to me.. it’s a human thing..

I have created everything with this diversity for reasons, if you believe in me you have to trust me.. as i have entrusted you.. question everything.. but when in doubt read my words, everything is laid before you.. some orders you just have to follow without asking, and they are few.. from the 10 commandements, to the 5 pillars.. not much to ask, and for the differences always question yourself or follow others, and you have your inner compass that never goes wrong.. if you are comfortable about it while doing it, and you think that everyone got it wrong do it.. if in doubt don’t.. but be sure, that i will always help you if you ask..

I have set a date to meet and talk about what i said, and what you did.. before that, the earth is more of a closed ecological system, whatever you input you will get as an output.. i don’t micromanage the earth, and this is why i sat all these rules.. be sure that whatever you get good or bad in your life, is a result of your input.. I don’t send either storms or blizzards to wipe countries because i am angry.. it’s a closed ecological system. and it’s true that whatever i have given you is a grant, your body, your money, your health and literally everything around you.. you don’t own anything.. you either be my good disciple or bad disciple.. either represent me or not.. and it’s up to you..

It’s that simple.. you have your brain, and i have given you a test that’s totally up to your IQ, everything in life will respond to you.. nothing for keeps, and you should be sharing everything with everyone.. this starts from your smallest circle, expanding to broader circles as much as you can do.. if you liked it and exerted more efforts to understand me, and have a bigger role in life, i will always be next to you.. to believe it or not in me it’s up to you.. i will always be fair and just to you, and i never break promises.. i will never blame you if your regretting your deeds, blaming is not of my traits

Don’t try to fathom me, follow me, ask me, talk to me, Be my delegate, trust me, listen about me from me.. i have neither sent anyone, nor asked anyone to deliver a message on my behalf, help others, spend yourself on those around you, share everything with everyone.. there you will find me there, in every good deed.. and if you chose not to, we have a day to meet and talk.. and be sure that I can.. and I will

Till next time

You’re my only!


Hej Hej God! Hur mår du? you know, i am in Stockholm now and i’m dyed by their Swedish!

Maybe I never had the time to talk to you bluntly since my Umrah, you know like heart-to-heart talk.. not that I didn’t want to talk, but maybe my recent adoption is to listen more, and not to ask for things from you, cause you like to be listened to. But sometimes I just want to say stuff to you, things that only you can understand and would make sense to you..

I came along way to understand more about life, purpose, what i am here for, what do you want me to do; or more like in attempt to unfold my destiny in the smartest way that i know. And since knowledge is something that is constantly changing, I have always tried to understand more and read to have more expansive understanding. I can’t deny that i came close enough to a whole new set of understandings about you, life, religions and all the other mundane things that usually occupies the mind of humans, you know humans and curiosity is a big deal here!

Of the good things I have recently had the chance to test, were my principles and how strong is my faith. And you know, how things ended by ending a life in Qatar that was from the outside looked nice and strong, but from the inside was purposeless. I still trust that it was to end anyways at this particular time, in a way or another. it’s hard to see beyond what your eyes can get you to perceive, but i do have faith in you, and i don’t require much to see to believe

People here talk a lot of shit about you, some claim that they are speaking under your name, and causing a lot of bloodshedding here in the Middle East and beheading others because they just can, i can assure that we are the only region who still rides German horses, and claim civilization by acquiring more than what they really need, cause they simply can afford it, it’s hell unequal here and things are getting from bad to worse

The west on the other hand are sleek and much smarter, they look at us as a big market for their products, from garment, to food, cars, life styles, language, immense market for weaponry – as long as the internal battles are ongoing – and you know what, i can’t blame them, we are fucked up and disunited and we hate each other most of the time – you’ve seen what happened to me for instance, i know that you don’t micromanage this world to that level – at least this is what i think

As on what I come to believe about you at this particular moment.. I believe you are great, nice and so kind, and your love is immortal and unconditional, and you always listen and trustworthy. i also know that and not trying to fathom you, because i can’t and i won’t and you know what, it’s also pointless :) i also know that you are part of who we are, our spirit; i also know that we collectively make up God, it’s all inside us. I also happen to know that our demons are represented by our egos, and these are the two fighting powers inside each and everyone of us..

I know that you don’t micromanage this earth, and that it’s sort of closed ecological system. That nothing goes out of this circle, it’s only matter of actions and reactions. Yes, sometimes that reactions comes straight to our face, and falls within our laps, and when it does.. i am sure it’s fallen exactly where it’s supposed to be.. i also happen to think i know, that we are all equally screwed in our misconception about religions, be it divine or non-divine.. yet i know that i do know that much that i don’t need a religion to understand you, or believe in you; i believe in you regardless, cause you are the highest form of knowledge, mercy and power in this universe

I know that we should not be taking everything you said in the holy book of Koran literally, and that most of what you are saying and repeating over and over is worth contemplation, but not to be taken literally, rather than allegory, and you know how confusing it is, yet i think that of the miracles you have left between us today is the Koran, as we will never cease to be amazed from its broad understanding that varies and constantly changes from one to another. If you happen to be interpreting it with your ego, you are in a deep shit, and if you happen to interpret it with your heart, you might not be there yet, but you are close enough!

I know that I love you, and I know that i will sometimes fail your expectations, but remember when i asked you on the first time i’ve visited you, i told you that i want to end my life on good terms.. we have this pact for life, and i know you’re up to your word, and i love this the most about you.. God you are awesome!

You know why i made it to Stockholm, or at least you know that i’ve been following the signs that have been revealed before me. That one thought that took me from one place to another, and to be honest, i fell for the place since i landed at Skavska and exactly past the passport control. I wish to found my own company here, and apply the concept of tech4good. i see a lot of unfairness in the distribution of wealth on earth, as i cannot fix everything on earth, and i am not entitled to.. and at the same time i should not be asking you to do something about it., simply you have given me all the tools to help others..

I have been fortunate enough to get a good education and be bilingual, my parents have invested heavily in me.. whether it was dad or mum, and i have a decade of experience and good sum of savings, and honestly i don’t think that you ever give us more than what we need for keeps, it’s all meant for sharing. my aim is to be useful and create a good business that connects and transfers the funds and knowledge from the fortunate hemisphere of the earth, to the less fortunate hemisphere.. cause simply whatever i am willing to do is part of my destiny that i have recently unfolded, or at least this is what i believe to be the case for now..

I don’t necessarily see this business as a way to make up living only, i only feel it’s my paying back my dues to how fortunate i have been because of you. You know how bad i want this to happen, and I am relying on you to give me a hand in gettings this done. First i need whatever job that will allow me to stay here in Sweden, then meeting the right people who may help me in achieving this. I don’t mind the efforts at all God, you know me quite well, i could quit smoking after some good 15 years of daily smoking. You know me better than myself, that i am a little impatient when i am confused and the uncertainty outweighs my eyesight.. So please let me know if i should be going this way or not, or should i start looking elsewhere.. For me, i know this is what i want and think will be my next passion for the next few years.. I don’t know what do you see?!

On the second thing i wish to happen is to marry the one i never had to explore my relation further.. the one whom i still love till now and don’t have/want to control this feelings anyways.. you know how she ended everything unexpectedly, she’s sweet and lovely.. a little bit undetermined and trying to figure it out on her own, but this is the price of experience.. I absolutely don’t see your point of things not working out between me and her, after some 2 years of waiting for her to be ready! I trust your choices, but sometimes i can’t deny that you piss me off with these unprecedented decisions. I trust your judgement eventually, and i always try to be a better of version of myself, you know how the Azeri relation went and was too much of platonic romance that lead me astray, i remember you assuring me way to early when i was in Turkey that she is no good, when i asked you in the mosque for assistance.. but i didn’t listen at that time, cause i was blinded.. i don’t regret it anyways, she took me to great heights of emotions, that paved the way to the following who was also unsure, and on her own fighting her battles

So, to conclude.. i am looking for your help on this project.. is this what i should be doing? is this the right country to start at? – please say yes.. and is she the one? – yes yes! :))

Thanks God! :))

Till next time..