my unconditioned mind..


“Many people think excitement is happiness…. But when you are excited you are not peaceful. True happiness is based on peace”

I am happy when.. this was one of my latest discoveries, understanding to a great extent the society hoax, and the conditioning that has literally flawed every aspect of our lives. No single thing can be enjoyed without strings attached to it, it is the kind of life that we’ve long been taught that happiness is something is yet to happen and doesn’t happen on its own. Something with a big magnitude at which it alters our status-quo and then we feel thrilled. I will be happy when I find my love, I will be happy when I get a job, I will be happy when I have enough money, I will be happy when I become fit, I will be happy when the things I want to happen, happen my way, I will be happy when I will reach this point, I will be happy when I settle down, I will be happy when I travel abroad.. have you ever succeeded to be happy when you promised yourself that you will be?! I doubt!

You can’t always get what you want
But if you try sometime you find
You get what you need

Conditioning has not only impacted our life, it has skewed our perspective drastically. I have a lot of attachments to things that are out of my control, I hate conforming to society needs, but I love people to conform to my expectations. It’s a paradox that we are not sincere with ourselves, when we want things to happen our way. Thus we catastrophically fail to realize when things happen in a different way than what we expect, we reject and refuse to let go. Letting go doesn’t mean losing faith, or losing hope, it means letting go of expectations, and paying attention to what’s coming your way, it means gratitude, have you ever seen a conditioned thanksgiving prayers?.. it means acceptance without conditioning, it means thanking God and getting the best of what you’ve got

Calmness and patience are two qualities I expect to spend the rest of my life developing more fully.. If you want to be free, get to know your real self. It has no form, no appearance, no root, no basis, no abode, but is lively and buoyant..

You have to give up the conditioning, to achieve and attract everything you desire to your circle.. I let go of any conditioning of anything that I want, I work hard, do my own thing, manifest it, try to be the point of attraction to my calling, and accept whatever comes my way. I am happy because I am grateful for being alive, for being trusted by the universe for another day. I know my limits of control, which are mainly down to 2 things.. The good and bad are just the nature of polarity of the universe, shit will happen anyways. But I also know that it doesn’t happen to piss me off, rather than it’s the nature of universe, that’s under no obligation to give me what I ask for in the same I expect it to be! On the whole, things do no happen in accord with subjective ideas; they happen in accord with the laws of nature. Chaos

A consciousness that does not analyze but experiences life directly, it has no prescribed prayers, no sacred scriptures of ceremonial..

The thing here about the universe outside your skin is that there’s nothing outside but your own creation. Everything perceived through your 5 senses is influenced by your society, religion, country, friends.. anything that comes through your senses is colored and conditioned to be something else. You have developed a huge set of expectations as a result of your endless daily coloring for your own canvas. Things, people, event and life in total are requested to conform to your conditioning, the same as you are expected to conform to others well. So that you spend your life every day trying to recolor your life to match the figure in your head, for that you waste a lot of energy and end up with a messy canvas that is neither beautiful not it can be even enjoyed looking at anymore. On your lucky days when you are extremely excited, you lose your perspective on the details of the canvas and sort of accept how it looks like. I had these feelings when I was in love, I would drop a lot of details, and could even accept a crappy service, or meal or may even forget about eating itself. Cause I am so fucking happy that I don’t want to waste this moment in arguing or explaining anything. I want to keep this healing energy as long as I can..

But I realized through try and error that this is how my life should be every day. Fuck expectations, screw any perspective or judgment or anything that is not necessarily impacting my circle. I stopped fighting life and my stupid attempt to make life conform to my view of it, I know that chaos of the magnified level, is an order in the bigger scheme of things. I knew that life can’t be chopped to be bits and pieces of things and events and expect to get it right. We’ve only chopped it to small pieces under a grid, as our human capacity to understand cannot get the whole, and works best on focus. The universe is never wrong, our perception is just not wholly enough to fathom all the details, this is why when you accept and ask questions, the answers come later. I imagine it as a very big picture that keeps moving and we can only see one piece at a time, you only see the pieces of the puzzle. The picture will be completed at some point, but this won’t be the only picture, and probably not the only perspective

Let life unfold before you on its own pace, let go of your expectations and just be happy. You’re at the right place, and you’ll get everything on time. Don’t hasten anything, there is no other place to go than here and now

Till next time!

this is why you need contrast in your life..


“My universe is my eyes, and my ears. Anything else is hearsay”

I think that the Eastern spiritual teachings of Confucianism, Buddhism and Zen has got it right long time ago. It’s doesn’t amaze me that a lot of people of other so-called divine religions have found their solace in fathoming the meaning of their turbulent lives, and the endless toil to just get past through a day with the least suffering possible. Only few Middle Eastern philosophers like Mostafa Mahmoud and Gibran who were able somehow with their aesthetic writing, to quietly and nicely without too much arguing or forcing their opinions on their readers. The former had his share as an atheist before getting such knowledge, and the later was exiled long time ago from Lebanon in the United States, and was long criticized for criticizing the church. God bless them bless them both for the enlightenment they have brought to our lives..

The eastern spiritual teachings first had brought the focus back on what matters to humans the most, the being. It starts with a lot of focus on the most sentient being to our knowledge, which is the human. Then they turn to other beings and try to relate how everything is connected to one another. In their teachings, Buddha didn’t assign himself as God, nor as a messenger; he just said that he came out with a collective consciousness, understanding, and teachings on how to go through life, and connect with the creator, super power, source of energy, the universe, God, almighty. His teachings didn’t revere any being over the other. He has worked thoroughly and effortlessly to show the connection, the way to live a harmonious life, through your daily doings your Karma – the fact that people assigned him as a messenger of God, or revered him as a form of enlightened God is a different story. From my point of view, he’s no less than other messengers of God as Koran says in An Nesa 4:164 “And [We sent] messengers about whom We have related [their stories] to you before and messengers about whom We have not related to you. And Allah spoke to Moses with [direct] speech.”

“If we only expose ourselves to ideas that comfort us, we become closed-minded, no matter how compassionate or progressive we claim to be”

Divine religions didn’t fail, people deemed to be representatives of the divine religions have catastrophically failed to represent the religions and evolve with its thinking to match the fast-paced evolution of humanity. I recall the song of Take That “Everything changes but you..” it quite matches this situation. There’s definitely a great deal of liberty needs to be given to divine believers than now. Unfortunately, not everyone is able to think for themselves to know how to understand religions. In divine religions we are taught to fear God more than loving him, we are always reminded with his mighty powers and how he can crush our well, and how interested he is in our genitals and small misdeeds. Which the spiritual teachings have approached the mighty power of the universe from a different perspective. From the perception of relational collaboration between sentient beings, all sentient beings are mighty in the sense of their abilities – though they don’t necessarily understand how all their powers work – yet there is always a mightier power than sentient beings. It also regard sentient beings as important as everything else for the structure and continuity of life on earth. It has achieved the equilibrium between sentient beings and their creator. A warm, trustworthy, friendly and understanding relation between the sentient beings and their creator. It’s simply a relation of love, rather than hate

Eastern spiritual teachings has revered no one, and spoke with equal vigour to all sentient beings. No one is above anyone, no is considered of less or higher status based on anything. We are all sentient beings with a responsibility towards one another and every other our and guidance to all sentient beings. No one is above anyone, no is considered of less or higher status based on anything. We are all sentient beings with a responsibility towards one another and every other beings – be it animals, nature, mountain, water, plants, etc – and speaks clearly without too much allegorical narrations that anyone can fathom and understand

One of the basics that I have finally got to understand after 33 years have passed off. The polarity, duality, or the power of contrast. The yin and yang of life, and how to get through life where we toil at the bigger part of it. I spoke to a lot of friends about the power of contrast, and most of them whenever they pass through a hurdle or a pothole.. they seem to be resentful and ungrateful and living more in anxiety. The very fact that there’s nothing in this universe that can exist without being dependent on the other. You can’t prove a speeding car unless you prove it in relation to the road. You can’t tell the red color unless you the contrast of other colors, you simply wouldn’t know that it is red, unless you relate to something else. Polarity in it’s simplest form, there’s no magnet that doesn’t have a north and south pole, and they both must exist. Head and tail, good and evil. Even you yourself can’t exist without the constant energy that everything else puts into you to manifest yourself in this body. You don’t exist except in my world, and I do not exist except in your world. The sun doesn’t shine unless I observe it. This relational universe where it’s always in a flux, a game of exchanging energies between all beings and one another.

“A man said to the universe:“Sir I exist!”“However,” replied the universe,“The fact has not created in me a sense of obligation.””

People think that the universe is under a certain obligation to fulfill your own dreams, and desires. The eternal struggle of humans trying to enforce their well upon the universe is just absurd. The middle way as taught by eastern philosophy talks about how to observe without meddling, how to be conscious by detaching yourself from any preordained misconceptions that has been shoved up your throat through endless iteration of things. The spiritual teachings guides you on how to embrace the daily struggles of life, and go through it like water do. Going the way of least resistance and around whatever comes in your way. When you don’t resist, you have enough energy to focus more on manifesting your way. This will not by any means stop the universe from throwing hardships at you, but it shows you instead that there might be as well a good fortune in this enforced turn. Whatever shows up your way is yours to embrace it, don’t escape from your reality and look back at your past. Don’t get anxious about the future, don’t be hindered by your senses and believe that you know or should know everything. Yes, you can control and understand bigger part of your life, but other parts you also have to accept and will not be necessary anyway to understand it. Do you need to understand how your heart beats, or how your cells get renewed every day. And it doesn’t matter much to know anyways, yet you’re able to see it. The middle way is the art of changing your perception and embracing the “maybe”. Maybe whatever is happening is good, and maybe it’s bad. The art of hoping and focusing your energy on the best, with no expectations. I hope, but I don’t expect things to happen, or not to happen.. it’s a maybe!

So hardships of life is just another side of life that you need to see because you won’t recognize grace and practice gratitude when as you have no reference. How can appreciate health without sickness, how can I appreciate day without night. How can recognize abundance, without lack of it. How can I know black without the white. How can I know you without knowing me?!

Meditation helps a lot in detaching your mind from all the unnecessary things that keeps out of focus during your daily lives. A way to welcome all the thoughts and accepting them, so that they would cease to exist after no attention is being giving. The path of the least resistance, and it gives you a chance to always observe yourself from a higher perspective, to watch the unhealthy patterns that lead you to frustrations, anxiety and sad memories. That naturally happens when you swirl in your thoughts and keep feeding it with your energy until. The thoughts that you consciously feed with your energy day-in-day-out for some time till you program it and push it to your unconsciousness. Where it begins to autorun on daily basis whenever the trigger comes, which is the thought of something in particular. And this is exactly when it goes out of control, and over time you lose track of what you’ve programmed long time ago. This is how you infect yourself with unhealthy programs that keeps sucking you up even in your very stable moments when everything from the surface seems to be working just fine and stable, yet you feel this kind of sudden feelings of ungratefulness

Meditation frees you from the conditioned mind and returns your mind over time to its natural form. State of joy, peacefulness, acceptance and general gratitude without any conditions or triggers from outside. Even in your darkest moments, it teaches you over time to be focused and turn your thoughts on the gratitude side instead of being resentful. The unconditioned mind that is happy on its own, whether things are happening or nothing is happening at all. The mind that has no expectations, it doesn’t recognize past of future but only know. Yes, this is the mind that you can cultivate to serve you instead of being a slayer.

Reality is, there’s nothing that is either good or bad, It’s just your own definitions of things. and it’s to be skewed and different because it’s simply the results of many influences that you have had come through all your life. The influences becomes hindering when it’s too much, or unnecessary and out of place or context. There are no boundaries of you except the ones you put to yourself. You’re the only one hindering you from being anything you are not. You are formless, and the one you are now doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be the same you in few years. You’re only hindering yourself from accepting extremely deviated ideas from your habitual influences won’t grow you, and make you see yourself from the other side

Most of the great thinkers you will find them along their lives have been embracing quite extreme ideas. They had to go and see themselves from the other point of view to reassess and re-evaluate their beliefs. To ensure that it fits their growth and that they are not standing in their own way of being something they are not. Only insecure societies and fragile beliefs – belief, as I see the vast majority of the divine believers only believe but not strong enough to be faith, as they don’t practice their faith with action. They only talk about it nicely, and blindly defend it – tend to be obsessed with their beliefs to the extent that they can harm others, to enforce them to walk the same trajectory that has been imposed upon them since birth

“It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it”

The Middle Eastern mind has a great misconception of extremely opposing ideas, especially when it hits the core beliefs of their religion. The recent gay rights provided in the states have challenged the middle eastern namely devout people. I personally understand that energy put forth into something that humans collectively agreed to be in the direction of the greater mass of gay people in the US. Understanding doesn’t necessarily mean agreeability, I understand, but I don’t agree. We tend to forget that we don’t have black and white, we also have gray; which can also be translated to maybe or in this case, I don’t really care! Not caring means that I am not interested to put forth into energy, accordingly any thinking into a matter that doesn’t either concern me, or needs my attention. I choose to be indifferent, and I can!

“Thinking is difficult, that’s why most people judge”

Your thoughts fueled by your energy day-in-day-out becomes a belief, your beliefs are equal to the point of attraction. This is how you create your reality and how you attract things into your life. You believe that you lack money, and you keep fueling your thoughts with energy. Or maybe the other way around, you are afraid of lack of money and then you keep dwelling into the same spiral of negative thoughts. Then you attract everything that takes away your money, see the universe here doesn’t understand what you want or what you don’t want; it only understand where your energy is being directed. It manifests where your focus goes, which is where the energy goes. So you need to focus on the good and be thankful and feel real gratitude for everything you’ve got, so that you manifest and attract more good to come to you. You shine the sun, and take care of your own breathing, change your cells, and do all the complicated things without even knowing how it works. Your manifest yourself and through other sentient beings in this physical body everyday, can’t you manifest the energy of your desires?! I doubt

You’re just another form of energy that is neither renewable nor depletable. Isn’t this the traits of God?! You’re just another form of God, you’re not a complete God, and there are higher forms of God who is more omnipotent and mightier than you. Don’t think of God in the ordinary form limited by our words, think of it as something that you yourself won’t be able to comprehend it, but may learn how to use and utilize its powers. Only if you train and practice enough, when the universe can trust you, it will give you delegate you and empower you to do more than you’ve every imagined. Leave the world of words, your hindering senses, and your limiting beliefs and ungrateful influences that keep detracting you from your own powers. You need to be able to unlearn something new every day, and put your mind into the deepest opposing ideas you may imagine.. Rumi has summed it all..

“Forget safety.
Live where you fear to live.
Destroy your reputation.
Be notorious.”

Are you practicing all your mighty power? think again..

Till next time..

Yes.. I still love you..


No, I am not over you.. under, beneath or even close from stopping this love, and honestly.. I don’t want to. It’s such an overwhelming feelings that run through my veins, it’s inexpressible in words and love songs barely describes few sides of it. yet it takes the simplest forms when my smile uncontrollably shine over my face.. why should I give up this magnificent energy?!

Maybe the most beautiful part of it, that it requires no validation or any action from your side for it to be. It’s as I’ve always believed, the most powerful energy in the universe, that comes from nowhere, yet it nourishes everything it touches. Whether you are here or not.. it will just be there. Maybe the most influential part of love, is that it can’t be tamed or controlled, but as the greatest form of energy, it can definitely take other shapes and be transformed to other forms. I can put into the gym for instance and grow a stronger biceps, or i can spread it in the form of smiles and bliss everyone’s day with it, and it won’t end.. it will just keep moving like a wave from a lake to the sea to the ocean, then back at you while you’re sitting by the shore gazing out at the open

I know that I have an abundance of it because of you, and it’s endless for you. I guess that by now that I am able to manifest you in my meditation, in my dreams.. and it is just amazing. I decided always to manifest you in the best form I could, I have glimpses of your true spirit that I have witnessed when your guards were way lower than your sleeves. The beautiful spirit that got me falling into you 3 years ago! and it’s amazing how I went through a lot with others, yet my love for you has been the only constant

I know it’s unconditional love that I have, and for the first time.. I am not pushing it to show you, or even to tell you how I still feel, but I wish I would be able to tell you this again one day, some day.. I know I will, even if our roads had to be apart for now, I strongly believe that I will find you again, as I found you first before my eyes..

My love for you has no ultimatum, and it thrives on its own.. it doesn’t need acknowledgement to grow stronger and believed to cross worlds, spaces and especially your walls to right strike your heart. Sorry dear, I could not hide it and I don’t wish to, this energy is too abundant to keep inside, it’s too powerful to keep me asleep.. I had to let go of it

Maybe the most charming thing about my love for you, is that it’s the reflection of everything in you.. at the same time it is the reflection of you in everything that I see, I would not exist because of you, and you would not exist because of me.. it’s the absurd fact that everything exist because of something else has observed it, it makes in control of observing you, and makes me vulnerable as I also exist in your world, as you’re in mine.. this what makes us one, and that what makes me hold you dear to my heart. Cause in my world you exist, and in your world I do exist, and it’s the point of all control and no control at all.. the duality of the universe has been summarized in the love that bonds our existence to one another.. wow, this is just an amazing realization, don’t you think?!

My love for you is my own translation of everything that in my state, because whatever I do know, I have to translate it into a state of my own body in order to know it at all.. That’s the place where I know you, and you know me, in your heads. So that I really do not have any sensations of anything other than myself. My love for you is my own understanding of myself through all my sensations that reflects before you.. this is just a big realization

We always have to define ourselves within means and in relation to other things. Or else, we would lose track of our identity, it’s so scary and tedious at the same time to think this over every day if you had no fixated reference that points back at you. Some choose religion as a reference to themselves, first it is a constant and doesn’t change frequently as other things.. as humans grow – not much are keen to grow – they keep on changing their point of reference to themselves, and they call it a belief, and if it’s strong enough to sustain over the span of their lifetime they call it faith.. and whenever they lose faith, or belief gets hardly tested.. they lose themselves and abandon everything, and in worst cases.. they start destroying themselves, as they’ve lost their omni-point, their reference along the way. We are full of wonders, we should not be so strict about the idea of ourselves as a reflection before certain fixated things, you might be hindering your growth, and limiting your capacities through your limited affiliations to things and events.. keep moving and stepping up, and change your references as you go.. you will be better and go further..

I know that everyone gets to define themselves in relation to other things, as a matter of fact, we don’t know who are we, unless we define ourselves in relation to other things in this expanse universe. In the eyes of something else, somebody, an event a thing.. we keep on treading on life calling an exploration of life, while in the fact it’s just a journey into the self.. as the more we encounter things, events, and subjects.. we get the reflection of ourselves before these things. As you keep on excavating the self, you keep wondering more and more about the treasures within you that are yet to be unleashed. At the very beginning of your day, when you wake up.. you start downloading all the data that defines the boundaries of you, I am that person waking up here at this place, I am single and I have my own business that I am trying to make it work, it’s not Ramadan yet and I need to do my affirmations, pray and meditate and so forth..

As for me, I start my day with.. I am that person, and I have been in love with you for 3 years now.. and  I am that person waking up here at this place, I am single and I have my own business that I am trying to make it work, it’s not Ramadan yet and I need to do my affirmations, pray and meditate and so forth.. this is how I will always remember me.. through you, I choose my love for you to be my omni-point, that compass that will always refer me back to you..

I know that someday our roads will cross again.. I have the eternity within me.. I’ll see you soon!

Till next time!

the point of zero resistance

james4Another breakthrough to me, in my continuous efforts, get myself good at it, at life.. I believe I just came across another fact that became firm. I am the cause of everything I am,  and I have to take full responsibility of it.e well this is the only way to get through!

I just comprehended that my contradicting and lack of attracting what I need are basically two things. One is the inconsistency in believing that I can, second is the consistently overwhelming feeling that I won’t attain this thing. which results in more of detracting more than attracting. Just got to know that the universe doesn’t know “No”, but it just manifests whatever we cling to, or, in other word whatever our attention is directed towards. Our attention is our energy, is what amplifies things, is what the universe takes as a manifestation for what we want in life. It simply works based on where your focus goes, as this is where your energy flows.

“Everything happens in life, is a feedback ” there’s no specific telling for how much time, in other words, how much energy does it take for the universe to feedback what you’ve manifested. it’s even your feelings and your thoughts. Well, your thoughts create your feelings, that in turn creates your reality. Being in check with your emotions is the truest inner compass that works for you, that tells you about what your life is heading to

Another realization that came from different sources, nothing is achieved from a place of resistance. Struggling is not an indication of how either resilience or persistence, rather than a clear warning of you opposing what you’ve previously manifested. Or we can say it might not be the most effective way to treat or deal with your problems. Nothing good is ever achieved from a place of resistance, the original state of being is ease, zero resistance. Look at all our problems that we have created, and worsened from only opposing it. The only vantage point is leading from behind, you can only lead from behind. Whatever you oppose gets more strength from resistance. What you resist, persists, resistance is a misplaced energy and force into something that you don’t want anymore. As you out more attention into it, you amplify the energy and indirectly ask the universe to reflect upon your thoughts, and when it does.. you get pissed off even more, and in turn you keep manifesting it again.. it’s the loophole, you see!

Often than not we always take a backseat position of our lives and blame unknown or more of unseen forces working against your well, and intentions. We cling so much to naming things and forces names so that we can starting pouring energy into it, but this doesn’t have to be the case. Your body doesn’t name your ailment to fight it, your body just sure enough that it’s not in the right state and starts right away fighting whatever is causing it dis-ease. You don’t have to know about electricity and how it works, you only need to know the what. The what of electricity and what it can do. The human domain, the right vantage point of being is the WHAT, the HOW is the domain of the universe. You only need, and have to manifest WHAT you want, to the universe, and the universe role is to make everything that you’ve manifested through your thoughts, feelings, actions and intentions comes your way. Jump and the net will appear, and it always appears.

To the mind that is still, the whole universe surrenders – Lao Tzu

Meditation, Zazen, and Yoga and even prayers of all religions, be it divine or spiritual teachings.They all revolve around the same axis, the point of zero resistance. This is where all the abundance of the universe begins, where your connection with the universe as a bigger form of energy, and you as another form of energy who happens to be part of this universe. They all teach us to frequently pause and surrender to the universe, where we are able to receive, watch our thoughts that create our feelings, it’s your daily calibration with the universe. The Godly tuning between two forms of energy. All religions call for the same surrendering, pondering, meditating, and all teach us the art of letting go and full acceptance

Even some of the scriptures and maxims have invariably talked about achieving abundance from a vantage point of gratitude “And if you thank, you will be given more”, “smile and the world will smile back at you”, “Be optimistic, and the good will giveth”. Almost nothing can be achieved from the point of resistance, think of it when you go to the gym, you add more resistance to massify the muscle.

What I am starting to realize that we have been sold the idea of fully accepting whatever is given to us, we’ve limited our abilities and got stuck with a hoax that we need things to make things, that we are way weaker than what we think we are. We got stuck with the old rigid understanding of religions, where everybody has felt the religions are no longer satisfying to our conventional lives. It doesn’t answer all the challenges of the world, our lives have become abundant of everything that is not adding a bit to our growth and achieving our full potential. The materialistic world of things, where your value and energy are acquired and obtained from externals. We need people to validate our self-worthiness, we need materials to reassess our existence, as if we don’t exist by ourselves and it’s not enough to say so without relating yourself to other things. We have been sold the idea of our incapacity to do anything on our own from where we are. You would always need other things to kick off from where you are, it’s never enough!

This is why we are always asked to act in relationships from the point of trust, rather than a point of fear. As whenever we act from a low point of, we tend to manifest our fears and attract it to our circle. This is normally manifested later on as self-loathing or judging yourself by saying “I told you, I warned you that it’s going to happen and it happened” which would result building more walls against relationships from this point onward. And you start manifesting more fears and walls, and you end up fencing yourself in, and bringing more hurt, pain and loneliness to your life, and wonder how did I become that lonely?! See, you have lost trust in the universe, approached and tread on life from a lower point, that you’ve successfully manifested all your fears, and attracted all the wrong to your life. Don’t forget that by attracting everything your thoughts have manifested, you’ve also detracted everything you’ve ever wanted!

This is why at the beginning of every relationship or the so-called the 3 months of a honeymoon, you tend to enjoy the most. You are at the point of zero resistance, fully trusting, receptive and open to the universe, you approach life from a high vantage point, that everything you see is positive, and you manifest it to the extent that you literally bring the best in your partner, cause first you’re manifesting and expecting the best in thoughts, intentions, actions and deeds, and you’re getting what you’re manifesting. You’re literally beautifully hypnotized when you’re fully trusting the universe, and having zero resistance, and thinking, acting and moving with every positive aspect. Then after some time, you start doubting your happiness, and you let your fears surface up and surge again, you start listening to your doubts to the point that you start manifesting  your fears from the past and bring them into the future. Even worse, you start seeking validation for your fears from others, that you give them more weight, attention and energy accordingly. Enough energy for the universe to manifest everything you’ve always wanted to avoid, and bam.. you bring the worst from your partner, as you’ve manifested.

What I think is the case here, that you should be treading on life from a higher and positive vantage point. That by this way, and only through this way you can attract what you manifest, which will be positive and good thing in this point. At the same time, you will also detract what doesn’t add up, or belong to your vibes that you’ve previously manifested. I think it’s time to be in the driver seat of your life, enough time thinking you’re at the backseat of your life!

The words that really have been resonating with positive change in life, and bouncing at the back of my head are.. zero resistance, gratitude, vibes, persistence, water, empathy, leading by example, energy, manifesting, God, compassion, bliss, emotions, and feedback.. I am still connecting more pieces!

As humans are just another form and source of energy. The energy that doesn’t have a form, that doesn’t deplete, and easily transformed from a shape to another. Isn’t this the Godly definition too, why would a Godly form of God as humans would need the power of anyone else to get him/herself a better place in this world?! Think again, you are running under capacity, but first. reach the point of zero resistance, where nothing is judged as either good or bad, yet acknowledged.. this is your vantage point for great achievements.. Never compromise yourself, you’re everything you’ve got!

Till next time!

these feelings are not mine..


This blog has been on my head maybe for the past 2 weeks, i even thought about the right picture in my head as part of coming up with this. I had again to write it to clear the top of the stack, and allow more new life conclusions to come. It’s like clearing mental cloak of thoughts..

The universe again has been throwing good influences at my face, to help me more in the personal growth that should help me in better on my journey. It was Alan Watts, another Taoism Western philosopher, who’s gifted with a charismatic voice, and a subtle sense of humor that made his speeches elates your mind, and seduce your soul

I could finally tap my hands on the influence of being conditioned from the society to feel a lot of things, i realized that a lot of the daily feelings that rinse my soul are not really mine, in the sense that i was conditioned to feel that way, because either i was expected, or was reacting from my conditioned self or subconscious.

Now, after nearly a month of meditating, i could notice a lot of positive changes on myself. in terms of physiological health, controlling my appetite, being more aware about my needs and when i need to stop. accompanied by a feeling of tranquility and quietness, more peace with my existence, less resentment and more accepting and more presence in the now. And more new feelings washing over me, deep feelings of contentedness to everything around me. I can’t deny that i lost a lot of weight of emotions than didn’t belong to me, these feelings that has always been attributed to me, rather than me attributed to it

It takes a lot of effort to unlearn, and de-condition what you’ve been used to feel and react for years. But it comes with a great relief when you give up on these feelings. Of the things I’ve deeply understood finally, that everything that happens to me, is actually happening with me.. in the sense that I am the cause and the effect at the same time, which has led me to be more aware of my karmic circle, that i am working harder on clearing it as i tread in life.. it’s back to the energy theory, that every action, or word vibrates in a certain way, and the universe responds to it according to its intentions. I could say that actions and words are coupled with intentions at which the energy is determined. If your actions, and/or words are in line with your intentions, then the energy produced is believed to be more powerful to the cause and effect, that you’d most probably get the effect/reply from the universe upon you, but on the right time. The opposite is also true, if your actions and/or words coupled with intentions are not homogeneous, it is believed that the energy produced from each will negate each other, and will probably cause no to negative effect/reply from the universe

I’ve always believed that intentions are the gateway to make things happen, this is why when we pray or meditate we always keep on repeating the intentions as mantras, as sort of affirmation to the universe and reminder to our conscious self that this is what we are trying/intending to do, and here it comes the actions that follows, as a sort of bringing the energy to it to make it happen, or in other words to make it observable

It’s really awkward the idea of how relational and interdependent is our universe, in the sense that everything is proved to exist in relation to other things, no single entity in this universe exist on its own, maybe this what makes this what brings the oneness to the universe, and made everyone from far east teachings teach us that all cause and effect are interrelated, the unity, the oneness.. etc. I finally got to understand what does it mean that you should love yourself first, before you are able to let anyone love you. If you love yourself truly, and the universe is a reflection of you, what you put into it. Then in your eyes, your subjective universe will be good, which will make you in turn see the good in everyone, and help you in being more compassionate, and feel empathy for other’s pains.. maybe!

It’s also noticeable how we are unconsciously influencing everyone around us by just being, if whatever around us is a subjective image of how our neural system has sensed through the retina of the eyes, the drums of the ears, and smell through of the nostrils. This makes the universe around us a subjective universe, can you imagine that there are more than 7 billion earths as subjectively perceived by humans?! this is next to other/all living creatures and their subjective perception of the universe. This is endless, but it’s magnificent at the same time.. and less boring, and more encouraging at least for the human species, as everyone see their earth differently, and they know what it needs the most according to his subjective universe

The idea of the subject and object, that the object needs a subject to acknowledge its existence. The observer needs an observee to exist, the observer puts their subjective energy into the observee and make it an object. This is is how we are relational universe works, nothing exist without the other, nothing comes from the void, and the existence of anything is proved by its relation to the other. As if creating a new thing into the world, like in my case founding a company takes a lot of time of accumulated energy, and self affirmation before anyone can acknowledge the validity of my idea. The energy that I put into energy which comes from the daily self affirmations, coupled with actions and doing, is the energy that I will be getting in time from the same exact thing.. after certain amount of energy, people will start acknowledging the newly created object, and start accordingly pouring energy into it, allowing it o flourish more and more.. and this is what a believe is like, pouring your energy into the unknown, till the unknown receives enough energy to come from the unknown..

Concluding that life works in energy fields.. and you create such energy when your intentions, are homogeneous with your words and actions, that you out in a certain idea or object that after a certain amount of time, it emerges from the unknown.. this is why we are always advised with repeating positive mantras to ourselves, before taking actions.. a way to remind ourselves and aligning our actions with our intentions.. a way to open up an energy channel to start pouring into with your words and actions.. when you do something that you love, you have your words, and actions are aligned together that you feel that the impossible has become possible. The opposite is also right, when things does not seem to happen, something has been wrong in the formula.. your intentions were not in line with your actions and words

This means that from now on, you have all the control over how life is happening to you, you can wisely choose where to invest your energy which is also formed as feelings, this includes freeing yourself from the energy of unnecessary feelings.. the feeling that the world is conspiring on you, happening to you, rather than happening with you or responding to you.. viewing everything as normal even if they have no clear understanding to you.. knowing that your subjective universe is the one that may needs clearance and cleansing from your viscous karmic circle.. knowing how to send, receive and spend your energy on things that really matters. Knowing that when you’re authentic and genuine, which translates into a homogeneity between words, actions and intentions.. which results flowing with life, rather than being against it..

The struggle between you and the universe, is a struggle of energy you thought you’ve invested and put into the universe, at which it responded to your energy. When you realize that you’ve been the culprit all along the way, when your intentions were not aligned with your words and actions.. have a look again on yourself, it has always been you.. the universe does not commit mistakes!

Till next time..

city of zombies!


When I was youngster between the age of 5 and before hitting my puberty.. way before life started pouring more weight on my shoulder, life was way much easier.. i remember that i was a real free-spirit flying and playing in my own playground, i had no memory that lasted more than a couple of days, i was happy like a golden fish in a small glass bowl swimming tirelessly and effortlessly without such seemingly any sign of boredom.. i had a memory that lasted for 3 seconds, for that i never got bored of taking rounds in the same bowl, the scenery and life outside the pot always seemed anew and that has always put a smile om my face.. i was simply happy.. i was simply am..

Then i hit my puberty, or it hit me.. i don’t recall which statement is what i mean, but i guess we both hit each other.. it was this time when i discovered that my lower part has more can bring me some type of pleasure that was simple thrilling, that’s a new use next to taking a leak.. not only that, i also started to grow some feelings and natural unknown force of attraction towards beautiful teenagers from the opposite sex, that was a hell of a discovery.. it was like finding another use for my heart, and having feelings for something else than football and parents.. the unknown overwhelming force that up to this day, humans always stumble upon comprehending their feelings felt.. only few were able to get close to what is it like, love i mean.. but i am here to talk about the others!

Numb people, cold-faced, poker faced, stone heart.. people who we think don’t feel anything, but actually they are the ones who feel everything but choose not to express it.. the suppressors rangers, and they are by far countless or the vast majority of people we come across on every corner of our daily encounters in life.. it’s your watchman who greets you in the morning just because he have seen you, it’s the guy you who serves your cappuccino at starbucks, who falsely smiles and right down your name, and return to the regular frowned face as soon as you pay, it’s your colleague who smiles at you and murmurs you the good morning with a so-made up smile, and adjust his face back to normal once the forced things of every morning is over.. it’s the sales guy at the retail shop who welcomes you and thanks you at the end of your checkout, and you always thank him her back while looking at your mobile.. it’s simply all the forced up communications and life etiquette that we have to act and do everyday without slightly thinking to process it consciously. it’s every fake attempt that you are confined to by your people, to be accepted, supposedly respected, and be granted the status you worked hard on presenting the way you wish you’d be.. with the branded clothing and posh eye gazing, topped with the eye-shades, and complemented with your super made-up outlook that remotely relates to who you are..

You were taught that looking cold-faced and collected, and hardly acknowledging the existence of others is something that people will be associated with high power, and will always protect you from the danger of the outside existence, everyone wants a piece of you and running after you, and it’s really crucial to keep this outlook and maintain it, you need protection. You hardly acknowledge feelings, cause you have wired your brain not to feel, or express your childish attitude, or your innocent impulsive reaction to something good done for you, don’t forget about your walls, and your fortress.. remember the last time you pulled them down what happened, you were fucked!

Yes, let someone speak to you and never answer them back timely or never.. cause you need to maintain the upper hand, you need to feel the power of something seeking your revered attention, put on your eye-shades and drive your fancy car, and only wave with the tip of your fingers at the valet guy, cause you are not equal.. definitely you are not, cause i am sure he’s much happier than you are, and laughs more often than you do..

It’s nice to not acknowledge someone’s existence, and it’s always nice to note thank those who are trying to help you by being nice to you, though you mostly don’t deserve it.. your walls are really so important, don’t forget to bring them all along with you, and from time to time, just change their colors and maybe hang some artistic frames on them, they are really protecting you from the outside cruel world, you are safe inside your own enclosure..

I still remember when i couldn’t care less about others reactions, and didn’t have too much knowledge, rules and constraints put before me.. i was impulsive and enjoyed every bit of it, i didn’t mind speeding, cause i didn’t think of dying or accidents, i always did what i wanted to do, i was bolder, braver.. i was freer than i am now.. by the time i grew, the scenes of life have started to make sense before me, i got out of my safe circle of the family and had to face it all on my own, i learnt by time how to build walls, they were not nice at the beginning, people said i am silent or maybe shy.. and i was wondering and saying to myself.. “isn’t this what life has taught us as adolescents, walls” I grew even more, and matured more and knew from others that your walls can look brighter, and colorful that people may get deceived that you’re open, but don’t worry they are all in the same boat as you, they have painted their walls too.. and they call it life etiquette, you’ll enjoy it and will get used to it.. all what you have to do is just to follow suite, do what everyone else is doing and keep doing it until it becomes a habit..

Oh! inside your enclosure what to do, don’t worry about thinking.. you don’t have to do it, we will tell you what to do, we will fill every single space of your awakening time with things that naught your mind, and generate money for others.. thinking is old fashioned way to live in the contemporary world.. we will not tell you directly what to do, but we will subtly influence you what you think is missing out of your life, we will reshape it the way we think would generate more money for few, and keep the rest a replica of one another.. life style, eat, health, psychological, trends, gadgets, technology.. oh, we will fill your life of excitements and fill it with processed ingredients, we are working hard on disconnecting your soul from your mind and body.. we will make everything around you do the work.. we will usurp your will, and make you hire your will, and hire people to push you forward..

While you have just successfully stroke out your existence, and called off your brain and chose to be painted with the same brush as everyone else, you have successfully followed our tactful plans, and usurped your will, and implanted some useless dogmas that works for us and makes our lives richer by giving you time fillers for money.. You’re stupider than ever, and we are richer and happier than ever! Yet, you have also felt the same median feelings as everyone else, cause you simply never thought or experienced anything out of your fancy enclosure and bright walls!

How would you like your breakfast served Sir!

Till next time

my canvas..

hopeWith more challenges ahead in my life, a lot of mood swings coming my way that looks like a random stroke of a dark colored brush on my canvas that used to be filled with vibrant colors. With life’s enforced ebb and tide, more people going out of my life, leaving empty spots for new joiners to join soon.. it’s daunting to witness your life transition phase that looks like drought for now, while waiting for the new joiners who will accompany me to my next achievement.. i have to admit, it’s challenging to every single moment of my life, to generally keep the perspective of reality.. not the good or the bad side of things, just the reality perspective.. it fractures my bones to get a whole grasp of all these fast changes happening, i accept and surrender to the less attractive side of life.. while trying to keep my head above the surface

But, what do i see coming my way.. here’s how i chose to paint my canvas.. it’s interesting, come with me.. let’s paint my canvas with my brush, cause i want it to be good and i want to take a memoir out of this phase of my life..

I see new friends coming my way, who are compassionate and have a lot to give and share with me

I see more than a casual encounter with nice grow ups, there won’t be still settling down.. but more fun and life waiting to be lived

I see an interesting period of challenging business, that will reap in few years from now

I see me growing wiser, more patient yet still with the spirit and enthusiastic approach to life

I see the lines between play, business and life are blurry and almost mixing up, when business becomes fun, and relationships becomes meditation, and life becomes my golden fish that i look after like a kid from the glassy pot

I see me travelling coming my way, i see all the doors that used to be closed in the past being opened before me..

I see more of my incubated ideas coming to life, and getting a lot of traction and liked by many

I see myself efficiently utilizing my capabilities and learning, and giving back to people and being so beneficial to others, rather than being a burden to the world

I see m myself a Nobel laureate in few years from now, giving a short funny speech about how i got my business started, and how the power of LOVE has got me started by good giving business

I see myself reviving the values long forgotten by our unnecessarily fast-paced life, leading by example and again sharing my experience with people about how LOVE is one of the greatest forces in earth that can move mountains, not only if you believed in it, but practiced it in every little action that you do

I see love is always requited, maybe not in the way expect it.. but it certainly pays back from all the other doors you never thought it’d come through..

I will tell the world that nothing is easy gained, and this is the point of living fully your dreams..

I will lead by example that nothing will work out, until you first have the full intentions and guts towards achieving that goal.. anything else achieved without intentions, love, wrapped with your convictions.. will merely by a success, rather than a checked box of your to-do list

I will succeed for me, for myself and my own growth.. but in the process, i will not forget to share all this with the world

Till next time